BannedWords 1.0

A simple way to ban words on your Server

  1. pascal34287
    pascal34287 [Myself]
    Today i want to show you my new Plugin BannedWords !
    This Plugin allows you to ban Words from your Server

    How does it work?

    --> If you have installed this Plugin on your Server, you can find in the plugins folder the BannendWords folder. There you can see the config.
    You can open the config with the Editor or Notepad++

    How can i add words?
    --> Open the config there is a list
    Code (Text):

        - word1
        - word2
        - word3
        - test

    1. You can change word1, word2, word3 into other words
    2. You can create a new line press 4x space then you have to put the - 1x space then the word
    4x space, -, space, word
    - test

    Are there Messages?
    Yes there are!
    You can also change the message.
    In the config there is the message:
    Code (Text):
      message: '&cThis word is not allowed!'
    Also you can use colorcodes.

    WARNING: Words with space do not work!

    If you have suggestions for improvment, please write to me

    If you like my work, please donate as it will help me make a little bit, make more plugins, and make better plugins!
    EUR = Click
    USD = Click
    Thanks for every donation!

    Do not use the codes for another plugin. Do not decompile the plugin. Do not modify the code. Do not redistribute or copy.


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Recent Reviews

  1. SmashLer
    Version: 1.0
    Nice little Plugin! But you can make this plugin a little bit better
    1. pascal34287
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  2. Aoro
    Version: 1.0
    Nice little plugin :D
    A idea could be if you already pre-added a list of words in the config?
    1. pascal34287
      Author's Response
      Okay :D But not in the Plugin i will make this here in the text