BannedWords v3.0

Ban Words On Your Server!

  1. JamesTheDev
    Help protect your chat by adding banned words restricting player from saying them! BannedWords is a unique plugin that allows you to disable people from using words on your server. With this plugin you can ban certain words, have the ability to kick people for using these words and tell them not to use that word

    - Ban words via the config!
    - The ability to kick player on using the word!
    - The ability to set the kick message!
    - The ability to edit the warn message!

    There are no commands and permissions as of now.

    The config is very simple and is displayed below:

    Code (Text):
    # Enter banned words below:
    Warn Message: '&cPlease do not say that word.'
    KickEnabled: 'true'
    KickMessage: '&cPlease do not say that word.'

    Please not this plugin does not stop the player using a word if they do it like this - Say they said the word "assassin" but you only had the word "ass" blocked, the word assassin would still be shown.


    When downloading this plugin you agree NOT to decompile this plugin or edit it's code, you also agree to not redistributing it and claiming you made it.

Recent Reviews

  1. Skaiz
    Version: v3.0
    Hello there!
    This is good plugin, but may you be adding permission to bypass blocked commands. It would make this 5 star resource.
    Great job otherwise.

    On my server I use this to block commands like, /mute /ban, that's why permission to bypass would be great. If you do that, this resource would be that 5 star!

    Keep up great work!
  2. RetaliationMC
    Version: v3.0
    Decent plugin, love the concept. But it doesn't block words from entering chat. I blocked the word ' fuck ' and it doesn't block it. I'm not opped either.
    1. JamesTheDev
      Author's Response
      Very weird, I shall try my best to resolve this error.
  3. Mineoz
    Version: v2.0
    does not work, can still swear my head off int he seever
    1. JamesTheDev
      Author's Response
      Well on my test server it is fine, are you getting any errors?