BannerLayer BannerLayer V1.0.4

Expands the Maximum of Layer of Banners. | Erweitert maximale Anzahl an Layers bei Bannern.

  1. TobiasLP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    BannerLayer (english below, German Description in Discussion):

    Short description
    version 1.14 you can only add a maximum of 6 layers to a banner. BannerLayer now makes it possible to give the players again the possibility to be able to live out creatively concerning the banners. Through this "workaround" it is possible again to put more than 6 layers on a banner.

    How does BannerLayer work?
    When you web a banner, nothing changes for the time being until the 6th layer. Only after that it becomes interesting:
    For example, if I want to add a 7th layer to the banner, I put the banner back into the loom. Then so many layers are taken off "from the bottom", so that there are only 5 layers left. Now you can still add the color and select a shape and take the banner right back out. Then the bottom layers are added again too. (Small info: During weaving the banner can also look a little different, because the layers are removed transitionally).

    With /BannerLayer or short /BL you can display the number of layers and their names.
    With /BannerLayer info or short /bl info you can open an Inventory where you can see the stucture of the banner.

    Use of the plugin:
    Number of Layers:
    If a player is allowed to make an infinite number of layers:
    If a player is allowed to have a limited number of layers:
    (replace AMOUNT with a number.)
    In the Config.yml (almost) all messages can be changed. In addition, the just introduced feature can be activated if desired, that one can limit the number of layers by means of permissions.

    If questions arise?
    If you have any questions, requests or suggestions feel free to write me a message (Best in Discussions). I try to give a answer as soon as possible!


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Recent Updates

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  2. Bug fixes
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Recent Reviews

  1. alonelyanchovy
    Version: BannerLayer V1.0.4
    Works great! but there is a bug with stacks of banners, where only one banner gets the additional layer but the rest of the stack still has the removed layer
  2. Gustavo_Player
    Version: BannerLayer V1.0.4
    Good plugin! :3
    1. TobiasLP
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback ;) Have a nice sunday! :)
  3. hawkfalcon
    Version: BannerLayer V1.0.2
    Pretty sure this is the ONLY plugin that works to do this for 1.16.5, so thank you!
    1. TobiasLP
      Author's Response
      Oh yes, very much! Thanks for the so positive feedback!
  4. TomX_PL
    Version: BannerLayer V1.0.2
    Great idea, must have on all survival servers. I hope it will get updated for newer versions.
    1. TobiasLP
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Yes, I will try! :)
  5. Keksnet
    Version: BannerLayer V1.0.2
    This plugin is great if you want banner with more than seven layers. It is a must-have for every good survival server.