BanTnT 1.0

ban TnT with config and permission! Really Usefull!!

  1. PeterXonwiiXx
    What it does?
    - If you got a server where players arent able to use TnT then this is YOUR place to be.

    How to install?
    - download BanTnT.jar and put it as plugin in your server,restart and it will create a Config.yml.

    - tnt.break.bypass
    if player does NOT have permissions then TNT will be Disabled.
    OP will Automatic override permission..

    - Config includes:
    - tntplace: '&4Hey DONT do that!'
    - falseORtrue: true
    - tntbreak: '&4Hey DONT do that!'
    - trueORfalse: true
    true means that TNT is blocked for Regular players.
    false means that TNT is NOT blocked for Regular players.

    The config does works with color codes.
    Colors can be found

    - None atm,if you have a good idea,post down below or pm me!

    Known Bugs:
    - NONE

    Any questions,ask down below here and i do my best,if want anything added,just message down here.


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