BanWave 1.2

BanWave is a plugin that allows you to execute a specified command on a list of players at once.

  1. Added lots of stuff

    Added ability to customize all messages.

    Added tab completion for sub commands.

    Added new stuff to config.

    Added ability to save interval on restart.

    Added ban reasons.

    Added a few stats: How many people were ever banned, how many people were banned last banwave.

    Note: I would recommend deleting your old config to get new features.
  2. Added BanInterval (change interval between each ban), added AnnounceMessagesToAll, and more.

    In this update I have added a few config changes and made it so you can add/remove offline players to the BanWave if they have joined the server before. I would recommend resetting your config if you want the new features.