BarrierPlus 1.1.2

Control blocks place and destroy conditions, and display nearly invisible blocks like barriers.

  1. momoservertw
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Do you want to use barriers or bedrocks in survival server?
    Or do you want to add destroy or place block conditions?

    1. Buy - To buy blocks. Support "money" and "points".

    2. See - Display near blocks like barriers and structure_void.
    Holding your menu item and "left-click" the block or left-click the item on hand. It has cooldown system to prevent player abuse. You can also add any blocks you want and custom display particle.

    3. Place - These creative blocks will need permission to place.
    To give more reward form some creatures. Also can give more rewards to VIP players by permissions.

    1. Permission
    2. Prevent Location
    3. Residence Flag

    4. Destroy - Control blocks destroy conditions. The creative blocks can be broken by the menu.
    Just holding your menu item and "left-click + shift" on it. You can also add any blocks you want and toggle it's vanilla break event.

    1. Menu-Break
    2. Menu-Drop
    3. Vanilla-Break
    4. Vanilla-Drop
    5. Explode-Break
    6. Explode-Drop
    7. Permission
    8. Location
    9. Prevent Location
    10. Residence Flag

    1. Download the jar file into your plugin folder.
    2. Start the server.
    3. Setting your configuration and enable the features you want.
    4. Restart the server.
    5. That's all, thanks. If you have any question, problem or feature request, you can tell me in the "GitHub Issues" page.

    1. Vault
    2. Residence
    3. PlayerPoints (Add second currency to buy creative blocks)
    4. ItemJoin (To identify the menu item)

    *Support Paper.

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    1. You can talk about your needs!

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