Basic Broadcasts 1.2

A lightweight broadcasting plugin.

  1. EpsilonGaming
    This is a basic light weight broadcasting plugin.
    With this plugin less is more, it broadcasts messages you choose with a unique header & footer to draw more attention.


    This is a great plugin to get public server information out there, the broadcasts are 3 lines which draws more attention to what they have to say, also the plugin is very small taking up a very small space on your server!


    (+) ----- (Header) ----- (+)
    Broadcast Message
    (+) ----- (Footer) ----- (+)


    Code (Text):
    Time: 10
    Header: '&c&m--------- &b[&cAlert&b]&c&m--------- '
      - '&c&lMessage 1'
      - '&b&lMessage 2'
      - '&d&lMessage 3'
    Footer: '&c&m--------- &b[&cAlert&b]&c&m--------- '


    - Interactive broadcasts

Recent Updates

  1. 1.8 Update