Basic Help Pages 2.1.1

Very simple /help command plugin

  1. V2 Upgrade

    This is the first release for the V2 build of this plugin
    This allows the plugin to interface with the new backend for updates and stats (
    It also brings the version number in form with industry standards (Major.Minor.Patch)

    This update will require a re-generation of your config files
    To update, please take a copy of your HelpPages folder in your plugins folder.
    Then delete the folder, replace the Jar file with the V2 build, and restart your server...
  2. Fix updater bug

    Fix bug in update checker
  3. Fix Updater

    Make the update message better, as well as do an initial check when starting the server, rather than the hourly timer
  4. Fix Update Script

    Another bug in the update checker
  5. Added version tracking to Stats

    added version tracking to stats so I can see how many old plugins are still being used
  6. Final bug fix

    Final Bug Fix
  7. Update CHecker Bug

    fix update checker bug
  8. Added update and stats

    Added update alerts and stat tracking
  9. Fix small bug

    Fix small bug with version numbers