BasicCommands 1.0

Adds commands like /website and /teamspeak!

  1. DaGree
    Hello, Im mrDaGree creator of BasicCommands. My goal with this plugin is to add commands that please need on there server for others to find there website and be a better member of the community of that server.

    I plan on adding more commands as the community needs but here is what I added so far!


    /website permission:
    /teamspeak permission: basiccommands.teamspeak
    /forums permission: basiccommands.forums

    All commands can be disabled if you do not what to use them in the config.
    If you have any questions regarding the config please ask.

    #Message Spacing
    messagespace: true

    #Website Command
    website: '&c&l'
    websiteenabled: true

    #Teamspeak Command
    teamspeak: '&7&lteamspeak:iphere'
    teamspeakenabled: true

    #Forums Command
    forums: '&a&l'
    forumsenabled: true​

Recent Reviews

  1. EthanPVP
    Version: 1.0
    Just what I wanted Thix MrDaGree This is perfect I will use it on my server for as long as it is a thing. Cool plugin.