Basics by LiukRast (me) 2021-01-18

A powerfull skript that organize your chat, tablist, sidebar, and more!

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    by LiukRast

    This skript allows you to customize your server chat format, ranks, join/quit messages, balance, /nick, tablist, sidebar (scoreboard), chat moderation (not allowed words), vanish, admins only chat, new msg format to see private messages if you have a permission, building moderation and more!

    Everything can be configured inside the skript!

    permissions: => can be changed, indicates the permission to place/break blocks while build mod is active

    basics.staffchat => allows you to see the staff chat /staffchat

    basics.lockedwords => dont get muted when using a locked word

    basics.vanish => use vanish and see other vanished players /vanish

    basics.tempmute => tempmute people (in seconds, customizable time coming soon) /tempmute

    basics.gmc,basics.gms,basics.gma,basics.gmsp => change gamemodes

    basics.ranksetup => allows you to manage ranks (create/delete) /ranksetup help

    basics.rank => allows you to edit player's rank /rank

    basics.nick => change your nick /nick [nickname]

    basics.spy => spy private chats /spyprivatechats

    Enjoy the skript and look for bugs!