BAT_Patch BAT_Patch 1.2.3

BungeeAdminTool plugin's patch for offline-mode servers

  1. ferrinweb
    BAT_Patch is a bungee's plugin for offline-mode servers. it can fix one BungeeAdminTool plugin's issue: when a player with id "abcde" was banned, he can still log in through another ID like "ABCde" or "aBcdE" etc. It only support global ban in the current version.

    Note: You must install BungeeAdminTool plugin before, and set it to use mysql.

    I made this plugin for my own server, no error has been found up to now. But there may be some bugs in it, tell me if you find some of them ,please!

    How to install:
    1. Put BAT_Patch plugin to your bungee's plugins folder and restart your BungeeCord, there will be an error when bungee start, just ignore it, because bat database is not been configured when its first load.
    2. Edit config.yml for yours needs, and then restart your BungeeCord again.
    3. Done!
    Code (Text):
    # BungeeAdminTool's database info
      username: username
      password: password
      database: database
      host: localhost
      port: 3306
    # Message will be send to player who has been banned when he try to login again
    # through changing his id to capital or Lowercase letters
    banReason: '§4This ID has been banned, do not try to bypass the ban by modifying the id letter size!'
    To do:
    - Support for server ban.
    - Set database info automaticaly by reading BAT's config.yml.
    - Support for sqlite.

    Forgive me for my poor English, click the "discussion" tab on top of this page to let me know what you can not understand clearly.

    You can find a Chinese version here:
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Recent Reviews

  1. xuanyo
    Version: BAT_Patch 1.2.3
    可以 但是你不要瞎跑来Spigot吧
  2. AlexReq
    Version: BAT_Patch 1.2.3
    Thanks for the finally update, I needed the plugin for my offline-server. .
  3. LapizSeller
    Version: BAT_Patch 1.2.2
    Dont work when use with Mariadb !