Minigames Framework, PvP, and Solo combat with limitless customization

  1. BattleArena v3.9.17.0 w/ Full 1.16 Support

    - Full support for Minecraft 1.16

    - Minor code cleanup stuffs
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  2. BattleArena v3.9.16.3 w/ Bug Fixes and Compatibility Updates

    • Updated support for WorldEdit (v7.1) in 1.15.1
    • Fixed occasional NPE when checking if an item was unbreakable in versions below 1.11
    • Fixed PlaceholderAPI error for %ba_active_game_time_left% placeholder
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  3. BattleArena v3.9.16.0 w/ full 1.15 support

    • Support for Minecraft 1.15
    • Minor fixes/cleanup
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  4. BattleArena v3.9.15.0

    • Added support for RollbackCore as an arena regen plugin
    • Minor fixes/cleanup
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  5. BA w/ Fixes & Updates

    • Code Cleanup
    • Broke WorldEditUtil into two modules: ArenaRegenUtil and WorldGuardUtil
    • Added support for multiple arena regen plugins VIA ArenaRegenUtil
    • Reworked WorldGuard support to be cleaner and more organized VIA WorldGuardUtil
    • Removed any direct calls to WorldEdit/WorldGuard in BattleArena as the modules above handle that
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  6. BA + Fixes

    • Updated & Expanded Custom Arena Sign Support
    • Added PlaceholderAPI Support
    • Fixed Team WoolHeads in Arenas
    • Fixed 1.14 Item Name Error
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  7. BattleArena v3.9.12.13 + Fixes

    • Fixed CheckUpdate feature, should automatically download updates from Spigot now.
    • Other Misc Fixes + Tweaks
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  8. BA w/ 1.14.3 + Fixes

    • Added Support for 1.14.3
    • Fixed Arena Exit Event Bug (re: #56)
    • Item Reward Messaging Updated
    • Unbreakable Item Support Added
    • Event Documentation for Developers Added
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  9. BattleArena v3.9.12.5

    • Fixed item deserialization in 1.14
    • Small Codebase Updates
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  10. BA w/ Patch Fixes

    • Fixed VirtualPlayer Support.
    • Fixed Heroes Support.
    • Fixed 1.14 Enchantment Support
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