BattleEffects v1.3.1

A minecraft spigot plugin for showing battle effects like blood and dropped heads.

  1. glob03
    Version: v1.3.1
    Great plugin, I've been using it for months, and it's a lot of fun to see bits of battle remains littered around. Easy to setup low impact on my server.
  2. Pixlation
    Version: v1.3.0
    Wow this plugin works really well. It is indeed Highly configurable. Works really well with my kitpvp plugin. The file size is very large which is the downside. Its almost 6mb. That is massive for a plugin. Maybe you could try and make it a bit smaller? Also love the bungee support?

    Thx Pixl
    1. Ninjoh
      Author's Response
      oh lol, thanks for informing me about that file size. I fixed it, just re download v1.3.0. Made a bit of a stupid mistake where I accidentally compiled the Spigot api with the plugin x3. It's only 3kb now :P
  3. Langleu
    Version: v1.2.0
    I love it, very easy to use and nice developer.
    Very configurable in case you want to turn something off.
    1. Ninjoh
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)