BattleGames [LITE] ◈ Deathmatch | CTF | BedWars 1.2.0

Ultimate minigames | Fully customizable | Bungeecord + MySQL + SWM support

  1. anhcraft
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15

    Wiki - ConfigDoc - JavaDoc - Issue Tracker - Discord
    Advancement generator - Spray pattern generator

    BattleGames is a set of multiple minigames that focuses on PvP.
    (See the current game modes below)

    Want to get extra features? Buy the premium version here:
    Before going to use:
    - Keep in mind, this plugin requires 1.12+. Don't ask for older versions support!
    - Test the plugin if you want: (1.14.4)
    1. CraftKit (bundled)
    2. Vault

    Vault is just an API (a.k.a a bridge between plugins), it has no actual functions, you must also install an economy plugin for examples: Essentials, EssentialsX, CMI, CraftConomy, etc
    3. PlaceholderAPI
    After start the server for the first time, do following commands to install the expansions:
    /papi ecloud download player
    /papi ecloud download server
    /papi ecloud download vault

    then stop the server and run again.​
    Main commands (/b, /bg, /battle or /battlegames)
    /b spawn: teleport to spawn (battle.spawn)
    /b setspawn: set the server spawn (battle.setspawn)
    /b open: open a GUI in guis.yml (
    /b info: view the plugin information (
    /b arena menu: open the arena chooser (
    /b arena join <id>: join an arena with the given id (battle.arena.join)
    /b arena quit [player]: quit the game (battle.arena.quit)
    /b game list: view all active games (
    /b game end: end a game (
    /b game destroy: destroy a game (
    /b give exp <amount> [player]: give you/target an amount of exp (battle.give.exp)
    /b give gun <id> [player]: give you/target a gun (battle.give.gun)
    /b give magazine <id> [player]: give you/target a magazine (battle.give.magazine)
    /b give ammo <id> [player]: give you/target ammunition (battle.give.ammo)
    /b give grenade <id> [player]: give you/target a grenade (battle.give.grenade)
    /b give scope <id> [player]: give you/target scope (battle.give.scope)
    /b give perk <id> [player]: give you/target perk (battle.give.perk)
    /b give booster <id> [player]: give you/target booster (battle.give.booster)
    /b tool position: use the "position tool" (battle.tool.position)
    /b tool exp2lv: convert exp to level (
    /b tool lv2exp: convert level to exp (
    /b tool spawn: spawn entities for debug purposes (battle.tool.spawn)
    /b gun reload: reload the gun you are holding (battle.gun.reload)
    /b clear bp [offline player]: clear someone's backpack (battle.clear.bp)
    /b clear progression [offline player]: clear someone's advancement and statistics (battle.clear.progression)
    /b debug 3min: make a 3-minutes debug task (battle.debug)
    /b debug 5min: make a 5-minutes debug task (battle.debug)
    /b debug 15min: make a 15-minutes debug task (battle.debug)

    /b adjust stats win <player>: change the count of won matches (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats lose <player>: change the count of lose matches (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats kill <player>: change the count of kills (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats firstkill <player>: change the count of first-kills (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats headshot <player>: change the count of headshots (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats respawn <player>: change the count of respawns (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats death <player>: change the count of deaths (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b adjust stats assist <player>: change the count of assists (battle.adjust.stats)
    /b rsp refresh: refresh the resource pack (battle.rsp.refresh)
    /b reload: reload the configuration (battle.reload)
    [Premium] /bx give medical_kit: give the medical kit (battle.extended.give.medical_kit)
    [Premium] /bx give adrenaline_shot: give an adrenaline shot (battle.extended.give.adrenaline_shot)

    Editor commands (/be or /bge)
    /be market open: open the market editor (
    /be market save: save the market configuration file (

    For players:
    /b bp: open your backpack
    /b kit: open the kit menu
    /b booster: open the booster menu
    /b market: open the market
    /b stats
    : open the statistics menu
    [Premium] /r, /rd, /radio: chat with teammates









    I want to ask/suggest/report, etc. How can I contact you?

    - Join my Discord server:
    - P.M me via this forum
    - Post in the resource's discussion section

    If you see I am not online, just leave the messages and I will try to reply you as soon as possible.
    Here is my online time (not 100% exact)
    - GMT -7: 20:45-21:30 and 5:00-9:00
    - GMT -3: 00:45-1:30 and 9:00-13:00
    - GMT +0: 3:45-4:30 and 12:00-16:00
    - GMT +3: 6:45-7:30 and 15:00-19:00
    - GMT +7: 10:45-11:30 and 19:00-23:00


    1. Am I able to make my own items?
    Yes, of course. Look at the wiki for further information:

    2. Can I make custom GUIs?
    Yes, you can! But you will be limited at some points. I would recommend a GUI plugin in this case.

    3. Does this plugin have Bungeecord support?
    Yes, Bungeecord support is included in the premium version.

    4. How can I find the resource pack?
    You don't need to download it manually. Every time you join the server, the plugin will set up the resource pack automatically.

    5. I got java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
    Usually because of wrong worlds in the config

    6. Hey please update the resource pack
    Well, I really want to but my drawing and designing skills are not pretty good, which takes me long hours to create a model. But it doesn't mean I will stop updating it, I just take it at a lower priority level.

    7. I got an error when loading the configuration files: "..did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping..."
    Because your config is invalid, check it here: to know more about the error.
    I sometimes get this since an entry does not have the same indent as others. So let's make sure the indent is valid first.
    Code (Text):
        entry: abc # indent: 4 spaces
       entry: abc # indent: 3 spaces (<-- error here, should be 4 spaces too)
    8. I see logogram characters on the scoreboard. What are these?
    These characters are used to fake the icon. The scoreboard is designed to be viewed with the resource pack. So if you have not applied the pack yet, you would see those characters.

    9. Is it possible to have only one game mode on my server, like BedWars?
    Yes, it is possible, just configure the BedWars stuff only and remove anything unrelated.

    10. I have some issues with the world rollback!
    Make sure you have configured correctly and try to teleport to the world.
    Also, you can get the issues if multiple world management plugins are running at the same time, for e.g: SlimeWorldManager and Multiverse-core.

    11. Will my data get reset after every update?
    Will not. I always take care of the data to ensure that after an update, the old data can be upgraded to the new format and working properly without losses. However, exceptional cases will always happen, so you should back up the data folder before updating the plugin.

    12. What is ConfigDoc?
    Battle is using a configuration structure designed by me. The idea is you can look at the defined schema to create multiple instances. It is similar to how objects and classes work in Java. ConfigDoc is the documentation for configuration, provides usages and examples.
    Give me a 5-star rating if this plugin is awesome! (y)

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