BattlePass+ (Free BattlePass Remake)

Free with a high level of customization

  1. Placeholders! (+ a few small fixes)

    Added Placeholder support for PAPI:
    - %pass+_tier%
    - %pass+_exp%
    - %pass+_challenges%
    - %pass+_has_copy%

    A few code changes to fit best practices

    Sorry for the inactivity with this project, I will probably recode it later this year.
  2. Free pass integration

    - Now there is ability for a free copy of the battlepass
    - You are able to configure which weekly challenges can be completed by free2play players and which are premium
    - When a player reaches a new tier there are now premium and free rewards

    - There are quite a few configuration changes - Please update the pass+.yml because I redid the default config.
    - Please look at the default challenge week configuration...
  3. Art updated

    Small fix, this update won't change anything with the plugin.
  4. Added UpdateUtil

    Added UpdateUtil class to check for... updates.