BBasic 1.1

Be Basic.

  1. MathijssYDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    © CopyRicht 3-21-2021
    By: NoItsMathijssY

    BBasic is an FREE plugin for simple things like /gmc and /heal
    Need help with the commands? Do /help BBasic for a list with all the commands!
    Do /bbinfo for more info!
    Need info about youre server? Do /serverinfo.
    This is just 1.1 so there are some bugs.
    If you have an bug here is a list of the known bugs we are working on:

    1. A reload bug that you can get when doing a reload. This ensures that people without perms for commands get an error. To solve this you have to try to reload via a player, if this does not work try it via the console.

    If this don't fix youre bug, please send an report in the disscusion tab and leave an reaction there.
    #New versions comming soon!