bCannon 1.0

Prevent TNT cannons blowing up with specific blocks underneath!

  1. Bobrocket
    bCannon is a simple plugin that prevents TNT cannons blowing up on themselves if a specific block is underneath.
    You can set which blocks are affected by the explosion, too!
    The bCannon blacklist allows you to control which blocks are still affected when TNT on top of the 'no water' block explodes.
    • 'No water' block: bedrock
    • Blacklist: TNT (otherwise other TNT will not explode properly!)

    TNT cannon before bCannon:
    TNT cannon after bCannon:

    Commands: (with their respective permissions)
    /bcannon help bcannon.help - Shows a basic help screen for the user
    /bcannon set bcannon.set - Sets the 'no water' block to the currently held item
    /bcannon bl bcannon.bl.list - Lists every blacklisted block, alongside the 'no water' block
    /bcannon bl add bcannon.bl.add DOES NOT NEED bcannon.bl.list - Adds the currently held item to the blacklist
    /bcannon bl remove bcannon.bl.remove DOES NOT NEED bcannon.bl.list OR bcannon.bl.add - Removes the currently held item from the blacklist

    Please note: server operators do have all of these commands by default!

    Before - and after - setting the 'no water' block

    No need to /reload after making changes, everything works on the fly!