BCMarriage 1.0.0

Marry Another player, Tp to them, set homes.

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    BCMarriage is a wedding/marriage plugin for your server.
    It allows players to marriage each other, fun for roleplay or in general.

    - marry.tp
    - marry.gift
    Main Command: /marry
    - <player> - Request marriage/Accept marriage
    - help - Returns all commands.
    - reload - Reloads configurations
    - tp - Teleport to your partner.
    - (set)home - Set a home/Teleport to a set home.
    - accept - Accept a proposal
    - divorce - Divorce from your partner
    - gift - Gift an item to your partner.
    - gender (male/female) - Set your gender.
    Code (Text):
    requestExpiry: 60
    enable-priests: false
    # Allow a player's gender to be changed multiple times.
    enable-gender-change: true
      kiss: 2
      # Show gender colors in marry list command.
      genders-in-list: true
    # Chat, set the format of private messages and in-chat status.
    # Supported tags for chat: {partner}, for pm: {name}, {message}, chat spy: {sender}, {receiver}, {message}
    # Icons are always available: {icon:heart}, {icon:male}, {icon:female}, {icon:genderless}
    # If you use a custom chat plugin, put {marriage_status} in the format and set force-status-format & force-gender-format to false
    # To show genders in chat, put {marriage_gender} in chat plugin format
      male: '&b'
      female: '&d'
      married: '&4'

    Supports PlaceHolderAPI

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    Servers using this:
    - survival.bearcraft.eu

    Dm me on here/Discord or use the discussion page.