BConfReloader 1.2

Bungee Configuration Reloader

  1. Likaos
    BConfReloader allow you to reload the configuration while bungee is running, add/remove a server, change the default and fallback server and other stuff.

    Avoid to shutdown everything each time you want to add/remove or correct servers informations.

    Compatible with #756 #776, according to md_5
    "Add methods to expose parts of the proxy internal config. This is depreceated as it is subject to breaking changes without warning."

    Usage from the console only: /bconf reload
    To see your loaded servers and the player count on: /bconf show

    -Dont use it with higher version without testing
    -You can add/remove servers or change some informations, but dont modify the bungee port !
    > cancel if you do wrong things.
    -Reloading a bad formated config.yml will let you without any config until the next reload.
    > the unchanged servers will keep the ProxiedPlayers.

    Feed me !
    if you want to pay me a sandwich, the Subway are so expensive in France :(
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Recent Reviews

  1. SebliYT
    Version: 1.2
    Nice Plugin, funktioniert echt super und bis jetzt ist noch kein fehler aufgetreten. Gute Arbeit !!!
  2. Il_Picasso
    Version: 1.2
    Works like a charm
  3. Buli
    Version: 1.2
    add/remove servers and permissions/groups works with BungeeCord 1017 :D

    changing default server does not work for me :(