BCRanks - Simple Rank System(RPG) 1.3.0

RPG Style ranks | Gui | Customizable | Limited dependencies

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16


    With BCRanksFree alot is possible, from a rank with 1-2 requirements to a rank with little over 500.

    Premium: Click Here(More about this at the bottom)

    Ps: Always read the update status


    • Optional Dependencies
    • Player/World statistics.

    • Download the plugin.
    • Add and drop into your plugins folder.
    • Start-stop the server.
    • Configurate the settings.yml
    • Start server.
    - /bcranks(Alias:/bcr)

    This plugin uses Tiers as of 1.3.0(Like its premium brother)
    If you want to check out what it looks like to have advancedbcranks or just a simple rankup plugin via requirements, you came to the right place.[​IMG]

    For those that want a bit more from the rank system
    There is a premium version that offers much more and even more support.
    Below is a comparison of what each plugin has and hasn't..


    • Player Statistics tracked(esc->stats)
    • Advancement
    • Roughly 500 optional requirements.
    • FREE!
    • Installation/usage support
    • Receives bug fixes.
    • Tracked Stastistics
    • Over 5000 optional requirements.
    • Full and quick support
    • PlaceholderAPI Support
    • Custom Listeners
    • Multiple Plugin supported(Example: Votifier/mcmmo/mmocore/quests and many more!)
    • Vote support
    • Timed ranks
    • Optional/Customizable Aliases over /bcr
    • Simple to use API
    • Takes request for plugin support(both free and premium).
    • Update notifications(V1.4.5).

    By downloading this resource,
    You agree to not: decompile, reverse engineer, disasseble the plugin.
    Removing, modyfing or altering the contents of this resource in any way removes support entirely from me or staff supporting the resource.
    You also agree that this resource comes as is.
    You agree to uphold spigot and the resources TOS.
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Recent Updates

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  2. 1.2.0
  3. 1.1.0

Recent Reviews

  1. H3L1P4
    Version: 1.0.4
    It doesn't work on version 1.13 only on unfortunate 1.14 I was very expecting to use this
    1. Scorpion
      Author's Response
      Bugs are to be reported else where, not here.

      So if you have an issue, shoot me a dm.
      Reviewing it as "doesn't work for x" without a bug report doesnt get either very far.
  2. Slayerking2548
    Version: 1.0.1
    Finally a good rank plugin, ive been trying to find one forever. Good job! Keep working on it!
    1. Scorpion
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it :)