BE mobs script [Skript] 1.0

Allow you to be the mobs, only 3 for this demo, and maybe I will not update or translate it.

  1. Skoll
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    script in english, but some strings in portuguese
    Note: This plugin isn't malicious, doesn't crashed when I tested it, so I'm not responsable for bugs or crashes of your server(s), because I don't know how you are programming your server, what plugins are you using, and I don't know if this script may conflict with another plugin or mod.

    Note II: I'm thinking if I will update or translate this script, but if anyone wants to do it, please give due credits mentioning my profile link to contributors field.

    Note III: I have not tested in another versions, maybe this scripts works since 1.14

    Version of Server: paperclip 1.16.3 #204
    Version of Skript: 2.5
    Version of Lib's disguises: 10.0.16
    Version of Skript-gui: 1.1.0
    Version of EssentialsX:

    Plugins that I'm using:
    MultiverseCore- 4.1.1
    SkBee- 1.6.0
    SkQuery- 4.1.3
    SkUtilities - 0.9.2
    WorldEdit - 7.2.0-beta-05
    WorldGuard- 7.0.4-beta-1

    -lib's disguises (no premium required)
    -Maybe ProtocolLib
    -Maybe someone that I don't remember

    Known bugs:
    -If you restart or stop the server, the player who has control mode active will not leave the mode, making impossible to another player enter on control mode, until the first player return and disable his mode.
    -on death event doesn't support drop effect, so I jerry-rigged commands like this:
    Code (Text):

    make console execute command "CM:EndermanDrop %player%"
    Don't remove this commands to try drop effect on death event.
    -You will be attacked by another mob, I didn't make anything about this yet.
    - Maybe the mob skin will fill your screen when you be that mob, disturbing you to see what's happening. To fix it, you will need to do some code using the command of lib's disguises to disable self view, maybe it only work on premium version, I don't know.
    -If you pickup a block container as enderman, like chest, shulker box, furnace... will drop every item on the floor. Now I'm working to fix it.

    Mobs avaliable in this version of script:

    Abilities of mobs:
    -Creeper - Clicking right button with a tnt named "Detonar" you explode the creeper and return to invisible mode.
    -Skeleton - You can shoot your bow with infinite arrows, that is added to slot 9 on every shot. (As skeleton you will burn in direct sunlight)
    -Enderman -
    1-With slot 0 of your hotbar selected(first), and sneaking, click with left button to a near block, then you will pickup that block. To place it's normal.
    (When you pick the block, your skin is set to holding that block, except for water and lava, maybe another one)
    2- With the compass selected, click on right button of your mouse, so you will teleport to block above the selected block. (Maybe you will receive the message that the location is invalid, this is for prevent that you get stuck in some places).

    Enjoy, and RATE IT please.