Beacon Portals 1.3

Trying to make a more survival feeling portal system!

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    Development ideals & Reason of being made

    Beacon Portals are pretty simple in both the way implemented, and how they work in game. I had a goal to make a portal system that's as vanilla centered as possible. The idea was two fold, one I wanted to make it almost late game because the idea of instant transport so easily is almost a modded ideal, and two it needed to be vanilla feeling. So, I made a plugin very much like this one in the past. That's back when I was still getting my head around java, and it ended up being quite... bad? Anyways, I've gotten a lot better, and now I've made a new version of an old idea.

    How to use?

    You start with a lit beacon

    The plugin checks these blocks to give the beacon a "name"

    When searching for a destination "name" the beacon will check all these blocks, and the will pick the first one it comes across.

    Two way connection

    Once it finds the corresponding name it'll teleport the player to the beacon. Now there's a little more to it... To "light" a beacon portal you have to use it. To use one you sneak on it. Remember it doesn't have to be set to go anywhere to save the beacon. I think the rest is self explanatory ;)

    For any questions, bugs, or suggestions for this project/others go to my discord server!
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