Beam me up ! (Legacy) 1.1.0

Teleport players up/down a beacon's beam !

  1. Better control

    - 1.11 compatible
    - You can now teleport up/downwards even when clicking a block and not air.
  2. 1.10 compatibility

    This update adds full compatibility with Spigot 1.10.

    It also removes the annoying "no permission" messages when a player isn't trying to use the beam.
  3. Customization 2 !

    It's now possible to customize or disable all the messages of the plugin !
    You can also disable the permissions altogether.
  4. Permissions !

    This update adds the permission check for the usage of BeamMeUp !
    Players having the "beam.use" permission will be able to use the beam !
  5. Customization !

  6. Prevent blocks from being broken

    This update prevents blocks from being broken accidentally while travelling up. If you're inside a beam with the watch in your main hand, the blocks you left click won't be damaged.
  7. No longer needs to place glass pane right over the beacon

    You don't have to place a glass pane over the beacon again, you can teleport straight on it now.