BeautyIndicator | Entity health bar in combat 1.10

Simple and fully configurable entity health bar indicator

  1. Broken entity names fixed

    There was entities in the world that had name over head like they were in combat, I'm not sure when this bug occurs, so I added timer every 2 mins that will fix all broken names.
  2. Update to 1.15 libraries

    Update to 1.15 libraries
  3. Fix console warning while aiming at entity

    • Console warning while aiming at entity
    Plugin was also rewritten to Kotlin.
  4. Removes ArmorStand health and fix behaviour in protected regions

    Health bar in ArmorStand entity was disabled and compatibility with region protection plugins was fixed, when player hits an entity in a protected region, health bar will not ne visible (this was a bug, because entity hit was cancelled by region protection plugin).
  5. Remove debug code

    Remove debug code
  6. Fix entity names

    Fixed entity names when player is shot with Projectile.
  7. Fixed incorrect entity names

    Fixed incorrect entity names in death messages
  8. Added ignored worlds, fixed config creation

    Added excluded worlds and fixed config generation (config was not generated when plugin first time loaded)
  9. Added armorstand check

    Removed hearts from armorstand, because armorstand was LivingEntity.
  10. Indicator shows immediately adter bow aim

    When you are holding a bow, and you aim some entity, you will see their health bar indicator.