BeBriefed Alpha 1.00

Keep players informed when they first join!

  1. mbs1313
    When a player joins, you often want to make sure they understand everything! Sure they can read the rules on a sign or a board, but that isn't really that effective. I want to change this! BeBriefed (Yeah it's a crappy name, tell me a good one) stops this, when a player types /brief it teleports them to a location in the config. They must read all the signs, they then do /briefed it teleports them out and runs the commands of your choice!

    Note: There is currently a lot that is broken! Use at your own risk!

    Why is this useful? Make sure players know what they are doing before they play!
    How do I use it? Drag and drop!

    Got any features you want added? Ask in the discussion!
    To-Do get it working properly and add features!
    This plugin was requested by Scrandre

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  1. S1lver
    Version: Alpha 1.00
    Good plugin its very useful for new people who claim they read the rules but actually didn't :D