BedrockMiner 1.0.2-b5

Mine bedrock!

  1. Lyphiard
    I've noticed many bedrock mining plugins in the past, but none of them actually supported showing a block break animation to the user as they were mining. With a fairly simple and straightforward configuration, this plugin aims to add some fun to your server.

    Code (Text):
    config-version: 1 #Do not change this!
    #The minimum height of the bedrock being mined
    #Anything on this level will be minable!
    minimum-height: 3

    #List of tools allowed that are allowed to mine bedrock

    #This sets the speed at which bedrock is to be mined in seconds
    mining-speed: 10

    #Should breaking speed be affected by an efficiency enchantment?
    efficiency: true

    bedrockminer.mine - Allow a player to mine bedrock
    bedrockminer.bypass - Allow a player to mine bedrock with any tool

    Extra Notes
    • There may be glitches when mining with a high-efficiency pickaxe

Recent Updates

  1. Added support for NCP and AAC
  2. Added permissions