Beds 1.9

Adds ability to claim multiple beds accessible from a GUI menu

  1. I guess you gotta use paper to use this plugin now...

    • Reworked entire GUI menu system to fix some bugs with large amounts of beds not working right for multi-page menu and to allow them to look nice for bedrock users using plugins like Geyser.
    • The remove button on an individual bed no longer closes the window when pressed, instead it returns to the main menu
    • Fixed bugs regarding beds destroyed by non-player entities (like creeper explosions) by using paper.
    • Added a check if a player is allowed to interact at a location...
  2. Bed bug fixes

    - Changed tp location to be in the middle of the block to prevent players suffocating/falling out of world.
    - UI bugfix. Bug would make it so UI did not respect Menu instance.
  3. More Bug fixes

    Bug fixed-
    Beds were saving as air and also other issues with the beds.yml due to removing the API version from the plugin.yml, once added back (as 1.14) it is tested and works on 1.14.4-1.15.1

    Fixed typo bug in the code with some newly added langs.
  4. Add custom limits

    Added support for Vault groups.
  5. Removed debug

    Removed some debug from 1.15 fixes, using the first 1.5 release will only have extra debug.
  6. 1.15 support

    -Made some tweaks to fix broken things in 1.15.

    -Added in-game chat announcement for updates for players with permission.
  7. Bug fixes

    • Disallowed setting beds outside the Environment.NORMAL dimension, since they will explode in The End or Nether, but don't trigger bed destruction, leaving behind an invisible bed.
    • Added nodes for the Beds menu buttons and updated existing locale files with new nodes.
    • Added permission node for beds.notify.
  8. Better locale support & Spigot resource update notification

    Added support for locales based on client locale. simply add the corresponding Minecraft locale as a file name with the translations and when a client is using that language it will choose the same locale if it is available.

    Added debug to console for when there are updates.
  9. Add support for custom generated bed names

    added configuration for generated bed names
  10. Add support for locale files

    • Added configuration section for locale
    • Added en-US.yml and made it the default