Bedwars 1.16 BETA 0.7.1

Bedwars but with 1.16 features!

  1. Supereo
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    I am currently recoding Bedwars 1.16 in java! This is so it doesnt require the skript plugin and is more powerful, This Skript version wont recieve many more updates.
    Bedwars 1.16 (Early Version V0.6)
    By Supereo Made with Skript

    This Skript has lots of bugs and isnt completely finished yet, im uploading this version for people who want to use it for fun and dont mind bugs or skript programmers who need help with things that could be in this skript

    I recommend downloading these plugins or bedwars 1.16 might not work very well

    What is Bedwars 1.16?
    Bedwars 1.16 is a minecraft minigame which is normal like bedwars but with features that 1.16 has (Crossbows, shields, tridents, elytra) Basically, Each player has a bed and they need to protect it, if they die but their bed is broken they will not be able to respawn if the do have a bed then they can respawn! Players can buy stuff in the item shop to help them win, like blocks to bridge to other islands, Weapons to kill other players and tools to break beds!

    Things I need to add (Coming Soon):

    • Team Upgrades
    • Generator limits
    • Fix bugs
    • Add more items
    • more players mode
    • multiple maps
    • Cosmetics
    • Gameplay video demo
    Leaving a positive review will help motivate me to develop these features!

    How to Setup

    1. Go to the skript file and change these variables to what you want them to be (Find them on line 26 or do Ctrl + F)[​IMG]

    2. Setup the map with
    /bwadmin setup
    to get the ingame gui!

    3. Do /bedwars join
    to play!

    Here is a video I made on how to set up bedwars 1.16!

    Waiting Stage
    Dyed Armor
    Iron and Gold Generator
    Bed Break

    Item Shop
    Block shop
    Weapon/ Combat Shop
    Armor Shop
    Potion Shop
    Other Shop

    Setup Gui
    Setup menu
    Generator Setup
    Shop Setup
    Team Spawn Setup
    Bed Setup
    Area Setup
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Recent Reviews

  1. CasualSpeed
    Version: 0.7.1
    Amazing, but would IT roll back mine world???? I mean so after GamePlay would mine world get back into normal state??
  2. zackraven
    Version: 0.7.1
    this is great still some bugs but im sure they will be fixed soon. very fun game to play.