Bedwars Unlimited ∞ - All-in-one Bedwars (like TeamKyudo) 1.0.5 BETA

100% configurable - super efficient - BungeeCord

  1. Lobbyscoreboard added

    Added a Scoreboard to the lobby.
    You can use all variables given in the default scoreboard and in the stats message.
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  2. YAML Statsfile fixed

    Fixed the statsstorage in the YAML textfile
  3. Missing commands, Bow bug and Heart bug

    Added the command /bw arenas list
    Fixed a bug that causes players not receiving kills when killing with a bow
    Fixed a bug that causes to show wrong hearts in the death message
  4. Stats Command + Some Category Updates

    Added /stats Command with Permission "bwunlimited.stats"
    (Configurable in the messages.yml)

    Added the ability to set an custom category for template signs
    (Add the category name in the 3rd line of the sign)

    Added the ability to disable itemspawners when Arena is started in the given category
    (In the clusters.yml you can add an "disabled_in_categories" list flag to an itemspawner to disable it in the given categories)

    When using the STATSAPI, you have to update StatsAPI to Version...