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  1. FlenscrafterHD
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Source Code:
    First of all, I'm German and the plugin is just edited by me!
    The YouTuber who gave me the Source-Code wouldn't published it by him self. So I'll publish it with Source-Code!

    ---------- Setup ----------
    1. Put the BedWars.jar in your plugins Folder
    2. restart/reload your Server
    3. type /pl or /plugins
    4. If there is a plugin names BedWars, than the Setup is finish
    ---------- Features ----------
    - Top 3 Wall
    - 4 Teams [ Blau / Gelb / Lila / Rot ]
    - Dead when enter Void
    - Spawnhandler for respawn
    - MySQL Stats
    - Villager Shop
    - Mapreset
    - Scoreboard
    - ItemSpawner
    ---------- Commands ----------
    /setranking 1/2/3 - Sets the Ranking Stats for 1/2/3
    /setSpawn Blau/Gelb/Lila/Rot - Sets the Teamspawns for the Teams
    /setlobby - Sets the GameLobby
    /setBett Blau/Gelb/Lila/Rot - Sets the Teambed for the Teams
    /build - Allows you to build
    /setholo - Sets the Stats Hologram
    /setvillager - Sets the ShopVillager
    /bedwars help - For help

    ---------- ToDo ----------
    - Nothing to do
    If you know something than Code it by yourself with the SourceCode
    ---------- Known Bugs ----------
    No Bugs known
    If you find a Bug please write it with the Discussion Feature

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Recent Reviews

  1. MerryChrismas
    Version: Version 1.2
    I think it's a plugin which was programmed by an ytber "CookieDev"!
    Look into the plugin.yml to see that the author is shorty, the commands doen't have aliases (/bw doesn't work!!!).
    1. FlenscrafterHD
      Author's Response
      As I said in the description: the Plugin is just edited by myself!
  2. GustavoGBN
    Version: Version 1.2
    this plugin would be much better if you had the villain upgrade of items and generator of minerals! (I think it would only be possible in a paid version?)
  3. delautrer
    Version: Version 1.2
    Super kostenloses BedWars plugin!
    Einige Bugs die ich gefunden habe, habe ich direkt gefixt.

    dein delautrer :)
    1. FlenscrafterHD
      Author's Response
      Danke für dein Review! Schön das du die Bugs fixen kontest :)
  4. GucciLaqyz
    Version: Version 1.2
    Love it! It's like Gomme BedWars. Amazing!
    But on my server /bw doesn't work... but /bedwars :)
    1. FlenscrafterHD
      Author's Response
      I'll fix it! Thanks for your Review!
  5. KingAsatir
    Version: Version 1.2
    Thanks bro for making this plugin. i hope you continue creating so much plugins like you were doing!
    1. FlenscrafterHD
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot! I love to make plugins like this