BedwarsRelGenerator [BedwarsRel Addon] 3.7.19

Generator | Game Selector | Team Upgrades | Cages | Fancy Respawn | Premium-like Bedwars | Free!

  1. Septogeddon
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Multilanguage (40% configurable on config)
    BedwarsRelGenerator (ABANDONED PLZ DONT USE LMAO)
    by Septogeddon
    This plugin add more features to BedwarsRel.

    This plugin version support depends on what your BedwarsRel and Citizens version support. (Citizens is optional since 3.6)

    Version Support
    1.8 - Not recommended, but still supported if you disable some feature.
    1.8 > - Supported (included 1.8.8 etc)

    Action Bar - only for 1.11+
    Boss Bar - only for 1.8.8+
    Title - 1.8.x - latest version

    • Game Cage, teleport players to cages before the arena start.
    • Game Selector, this plugin includes built-in game-selector with random join arena option (GUI)
    • Team Upgrades [HOT], allows player to upgrade their team upgrades which is affect to all team members.
    • Fancy Respawn, add delays to respawn handler and show them fancy animated title.
    • Bed-Trap [Beta], allows you to put trap near your bed to get information when someone trying to break your bed.
    • Built-in team upgrades, includes Armor, Tool, Sword, and Beacon upgrades (including some loadouts)
    • Bed Hologram, show hologram above your Bed.
    • Generator [HOT], add Generator Hologram to your game (this shows respawn count down, and also this is upgradeable)
    • Kit Manager, allows you to add kits on bedwars games (since 3.4).
    • Projectile Trails, allows you to have pretty trails when you throw something (since 3.4).
    • Custom Scoreboard, allows you to customize more deeper the game scoreboard display (since 3.5).
    • Tracker, allows player to track other players (since 3.6)
    Depends (Required Plugins)
    Citizens Support
    Since 3.6 this plugin does not required Citizens as plugin-dependencies. But it still recommended to use it. For servers that doesn't have Citizens, Team Shop/Upgrades is accessible via the normal ItemShop


    • Stop your server
    • Download and put the jar on the plugins folder
    • Start your server
    • Go to your game arena, put NPCs (for the team upgrades/shop, do not remove your Villagers/Default Bedwars Shop NPC)
    • Enjoy!
    • /bwg info - Shows you list of BedwarsRel game that successfully injected
    • /bwg reload - Reload the injectors, handlers, and the config.
    • /bwgkit - Kit Manager Command
    • /trail - Projectile Trails command

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • How to open Team Upgrades
      • Just click on an NPC if your server is using Citizens, or click on ItemShop (from BedwarsRel) if your server is not using Citizens plugin.
    • How to use Tracking Device?
      • Buy a compass at BedwarsRel ItemShop and then click on it.
    • How to setup these?
      • Just configure at config.yml, generator locations and etc are automatically setted based on your BedwarsRel Game configuration

    ScreenShots & Videos

    Custom Scoreboard (since 3.5)
    2018-12-31_09.56.40.png 2018-12-31_09.52.35.png 2018-12-31_09.53.01.png 2018-12-31_09.53.15.png 2018-12-31_09.54.40.png 2018-12-31_09.54.51.png 2018-12-31_09.55.05.png 2018-12-31_09.56.23.png
    Tracking device

    My potato PC record this (RIP)

    Special Thanks for [OLD] BedwarsGeneratorRel/BedwarsRelGenerator downloaders, now this plugin reach 10k downloads

    This plugin has been recoded for 3 days, and um. I need to buy new PC soon. Because my PC is crap (my father bought it on 2008).
    So please, i need donation :D

    Thank you!

    Using this resource? You can adv your server, just tell me in review or contact
    me with your server ip address. Found a bug? PM me.

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Recent Reviews

  1. BemLo
    Version: 3.7.19
    Bugs with bugs - generators isn't work properly, a lot of spam in console with "stats_dead", "stats_kill", "stats_bedbreak" and 2 more like developer is still debugging this plugin. The only usage - scoreboards and titles, no more
  2. ItzStiles
    Version: 3.7.19
    A lot of bugs, I’ve tried it on different versions, I don’t recommend downloading: <
  3. Fjuro
    Version: 3.7.19
    This plugin is good, but I can't find one thing: What are the permissions? Thanks for the reply.
  4. rolcsikasz6590
    Version: 3.7.18
    How do I turn on all items to be lost when you die?

    Sorry, my english is very bad.
    1. Septogeddon
      Author's Response
      it was handled by death handler, not really sure if you can do it now. perhaps i can update this plugin later with that option.
  5. MadziaxG
    Version: 3.7.18
    I really like this plugin and idea but the biggest
    disadvantage is that items can't be dropped by players after death. It breaks the game. Where could I set it?
    1. Septogeddon
      Author's Response
      i replied you on discord. of course before you made this review.
  6. Dzoko
    Version: 3.7.18
    This plugin is BRILLANT. (100 chars.....................................................)
  7. VidTu
    Version: 3.7.18
    Good plugin! But...
    Why don't you use NMS for actionbar?
    Sorry for my english! :D
    1. Septogeddon
  8. TurtleGamesYTB
    Version: 3.6
    Super plugin !! It would be cool to make sure that when we kill somebody, all the time or when we win a game we win corners and XP, to make a level system also his would be cool: D, Also make sure with these corners we can change villagoeis their skin ect ...
    1. Septogeddon
      Author's Response
      thanks for your review.
      Please PM me or DM me on discord about this, i'm confused, can you explain more? Discord: BlueObsidian#5010
  9. Gober
    Version: 3.2
    The author is a very talented and friendly spigot developer!
    I've met him on 2016 in Sydney, Australia.
    We had a good chat back then in Carl's Cafe. That time I told him, "man I got a suggestion. You know that plugin BedwarsReloaded? That's a pretty lit plugin. You should try to get a cool addon for that plugin." And he said "I will, I've been planning it since forever" and short after, he released the addon.

    What an awesome person. Looking forward to meet you again.
    1. Septogeddon
      Author's Response
      i will meet you soon with a knife, incase you want some orange slices and you forget to bring a knife.
  10. ZacharyMSL
    Version: 2.2 Rel
    this is not work for citizen ( 2.0.16 (beta 1 for MC 1.8.8) ) Fix it and i give five stars.
    1. Septogeddon
      Author's Response
      please update to BedwarsRelGenerator 3.0