BedwarsRelStats [MySQL - Multiarena] v2.0

BedwarsRel stats from everywhere | PlaceholderAPI expansion integrated

  1. RhalisX99
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    This plugin allows you to check your BedwarsRel stats on MySQL, from any spigot server.

    You can also use the new local feature, which allows you to get your stats directly on the server where is BedwarsRel installed (BedwarsRel and BedwarsRelStats on the same spigot server).

    Just drop the downloaded file into your plugins folder, then stop and restart your server. Plugman works, but it's not reccomended.

    Once you have installed it, you can choose to get player stats from MySQL or from the local plugin, simply enabling or disabling MySQL on the config file. When disabled, if your server has BedwarsRel installed, BedwarsRelStats will automatically hook into it.

    The stats command is customizable through the config file (default is /bwstats).

    You can also customize the command using placeholders shown below (referenced to the sender, command only placeholders).
    • {name} player name
    • {displayname} player display name
    • {wins} total won matches
    • {loses} total lost matches
    • {total} total matches played
    • {kills} total player kills
    • {deaths} total player deaths
    • {destroyed} total destroyed beds
    • {score} player score
    • {kd} player kill/death ratio
    • {wl} player win/lose ratio
    Since v2.0 update, you can use PlaceholderAPI placeholders shown below on any plugin which supports the PlaceholderAPI.
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_name%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_wins%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_loses%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_total%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_kills%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_deaths%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_destroyedbeds%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_score%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_kd%
    • %bedwarsrelstats_player_wl%

    Terms and conditions
    You are not allowed to decompile this plugin.
    You are not allowed to modify the source code of this plugin in any way.

    You are not allowed to claim this plugin as your own.
    You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin.

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    Version: v1.1
    I love this plugin.
    The developer is very active!
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    Version: v0.1a
    I love this plugin.
    The developer is very active!
    1. RhalisX99
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review bro ;)
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    Version: v0.1a
    Plugin molto utile! Complimenti 5 stelle! Lo ho provato e funziona!! Thanksssss
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      Grazie per la tua recensione!