BedwarsRelStats [MySQL - Multiarena] 2.2

BedwarsRel stats from everywhere | PlaceholderAPI expansion integrated

  1. 2.0 » The PlaceholderAPI Update!

    ▪️ Added the support to PlaceholderAPI in the stats command.
    ▪️ Added the PlaceholderAPI expansion (integrated into the plugin). BedwarsRelStats will register the new expansion automatically if PlaceholderAPI is correctly installed on your server (yes, you can now use these placeholders on any plugin which supports PlaceholderAPI).
    ▪️ MySQL stats will now be saved internally every time a player joins the server (instead of getting data everytime the command got executed), this to achieve a noticeable connection improvement and of data management.

    It's highly recommended to use the MySQL function only in case you can't get data directly from BedwarsRel, for example on a separated bungeecord lobby.

    No config changes.
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