BedwarsRelStats [MySQL - Multiarena] 2.2

BedwarsRel stats from everywhere | PlaceholderAPI expansion integrated

  1. v2.2 » Integrated PlaceholderAPI expansion code cleanup

    Nothing important. Small cleaning of the code of the integrated expansion.
    No config changes.
  2. v2.1 » Open source and code cleanup

    [+] Added /bedwarsrelstats reload, accessible with the permission bedwarsrelstats.admin
    Note: MySQL settings are not affected by this command. Restart the server instead.

    [✔] Project is now opensource!
    You can view or download the source code here:
    [✔] Some little cleanups to the code, to make it more understandable

    There is also...
  3. v2.0 » The PlaceholderAPI Update!

    [+] Added the support to PlaceholderAPI in the stats command.
    [+] Added the PlaceholderAPI expansion (integrated into the plugin). BedwarsRelStats will register the new expansion automatically if PlaceholderAPI is correctly installed on your server (yes, you can now use these placeholders on any plugin which supports PlaceholderAPI).

    [✔] MySQL stats will...
  4. v1.1 » Minor fixes

    [✔] Solved an ArithmeticException exception
    [✔] Fixed K/D and W/D resulting in a big decimal number on certain cases (new format: 0,00)

    No config changes.
  5. v1.0 » Multiarena update!

    [+] Added BedwarsRel multiarena support (BedwarsRelStats will hook automatically to BedwarsRel if MySQL is disabled)
    [+] You can now customize the command through the config file

    This update requires new settings on the config file. Remember to regenerate the new config before updating.
    Code (YAML):
    : false
    : localhost