beeKick 1.0

The new way to leave with a goodbye

  1. Mucapapipa
    Simple and useful
    This plugin is a new invention of beeDevop, that allow players leave the server with a message and a command. The servers now, can give a goodbye message for the players.

    One config, one use
    To set the message, just edit the string (on config):

    Message: 'Place the message here' Colors can be used!

    [Next version] Fix permissions [Soon] Play a sound to the sender

Recent Reviews

  1. dandwhit
    Version: 1.0
    It works how it is meant to.
    To JordyPwner:
    1) Pogostick29dev is actually one of the best youtube tutorial makers for learning Java and the Bukkit API (although I do not necessarily recommend watching tutorials on Youtube)
    2) How about instead of criticising his code, you tell him how he can make it better?
    3) At least he is trying, what plugins have you made again?...