bennsur 1.0.7

Inactive! - Plugin for survivalservers without essentials.

  1. F5zu
    This was my first plugin. I had started to write it because i wanted to see what is possible with bukkit.


    Bennsur is a little fun-plugin for Servers without Essentials.

    -flyrod for long trips
    -(or as command (like gamemode 1)
    -always teleport to your home
    -exploding arrows(i recommend it only for Ops)
    -set a waypoint and show the coordinates of it
    -monitors the ram status
    -fulljoin for OPs
    -set a spawnpoint
    -chatclear (only CommandSender´s Chat)
    -displays coordinates of other Players
    -displays coordinates on Death
    -heals players on bed leave and gives them effects
    -show realtime


    Commands / Permissions / Description:

    NOCOMMAND || bennsur.death.showloc || shows coordinates on death
    NOCOMMAND || bennsur.onjoin.heal || full Health on join
    NOCOMMAND || || allows the player to use a flyrod
    NOCOMMAND || bennsur.arrow.explode || all arrows from this player explodes
    NOCOMMAND || bennsur.jumppads.use || use jumppads
    NOCOMMAND || OP || right klick to hide all players
    /cmdspy || OP || watch all commands that players execute
    /btp || bennsur.btp || teleport with Levels
    /fly || bennsur.flyrod.command || gives you a "&6Flugstab"
    /sfly || || fly!, if you have the items
    /bennsur || bennsur.bennsur || reload the config or show the plugin version
    /spawn || bennsur.spawn || releports you to the spawnpoint
    /setspawn || bennsur.setspawn || set the spawnpoint
    /setwp || NOPERM || sets your waypoint
    /wp || NOPERM || shows your waypoints coordinates
    /sethome || NOPERM || set your home
    /home || NOPERM || teleport you to your home
    /olc || bennsur.olc || schow you another player´s coordinates
    /rt || NOPERM || watch the real time
    /invsee || OP || watch others inventories
    "#cmd <cmd>" || OP || execute a command as consolesender
    /creep || bennsur.troll.creep || spawns a creeper at the players location
    /cc || NOPERM || ChatClear
    /cc g || NOPERM || global ChatClear



    default Config:


    ___Have fun!
    I hope you understood my Description...i am german ;)

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