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Best Pony 1.0

This plugin will tell who's best pony!

  1. TheFlutterButter
    This plugin will tell who's best pony!

    Commands: /bestpony
    Result: Say's Fluttershy is best pony in chat :rolleyes:
    Permissions: None Yet

    Installation Instructions: Just put it in the plugins folder if you're running Spigot 1.8

    Upcoming features:
    - Config file to change who is best pony.
    - Permissions to choose who can say who is best pony.
    - More commands about Ponies.

Recent Reviews

  1. Airee
    Version: 1.0
    Best plugin ever!
  2. PedoPass
    Version: 1.0
    This is absolutely useless...
    1. TheFlutterButter
      Author's Response
      I know it's useless. It's my first plugin. I'm working on adding a config file so you can decide who is best pony