BestClearChat 1.2.1

Clear the chat! Clear the global chat, a player's chat, or your own chat!

  1. TrillyGuyCP
    BestClearChat - The Best ClearChat Plugin you will ever have!
    BestClearChat is a plugin that aims to help server owners keep that chat neat and clean!


    (Optional things to write is in [] and things needed are in <> marks)
    BestClearChat has 2 main commands (and a third info command)
    - /clearchat : This clears the global chat
    - /ccplayer [Name] : This clears the chat for yourself, or if a name is written, it will clear the chat for that player.
    - /ccinfo : List basic plugin info like: Version, Author, All Available Commands.

    - clearchat.clearchat : Gives permission to /clearchat
    - clearchat.player : Gives permission to /ccplayer
    - clearchat.player.others : Give permission to /ccplayer <name> (Clear another players chat)
    - : Gives permission to the /ccinfo command.
    - clearchat.antiswear.bypass : Bypass the AntiSwear feature
    - clearchat.joinmessage.bypass : Will not send you the join message telling you that the server is running BestClearChat.

    To-do list:
    - Configuration File
    - Clear chat if banned words are written (can be turned on/off)
    - Add AntiSwear warnings.
    - Permissions to bypass AntiSwear.