BestServerBasics 2.4

1.14 Essentials, simple features, 100% configurable

  1. Gebes
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    ➥ Need a good working 1.14 plugin with basics features? Then download BestServerBasics v2

    ➥ The target of this plugin is to combine lots of features in one plugin and make everything simple to configure without annoying error messages in the console.

    • /back
      • Teleports you back to your last death point
    • /clearchat
      • Clears the Chat
    • /broadcast <message
      • Broadcasts a message
    • /spawn
      • Teleports you to the spawn
    • /setspawn
      • Sets the spawn
    • /delspawn
      • Deletes the spawn
    • /kick <player> (message)
      • Kicks a player
    • /home <name>
      • Teleports you to a home
    • /sethome <name>
      • Sets a private home for you
    • /delhome <name>
      • Deletes your home
    • /warp <name>
      • Teleports you to your home
    • /setwarp <name>
      • Sets a public warp
    • /delwarp <name>
      • Deletes a warp
    • /usage <memory/players/cpu>
      • Prints info about the selected object
    • /heal (player)
      • Heals a player or yourself
    • /feed (player)
      • Feeds a player or yourself
    • /top
      • Teleports you to the highest on your location
    • /suicide
      • Kills yourself with a last message
    • /money (Player)
      • See how much money a player has
    • /pay <Amount> (Player)
      • You can give money to a another player
    • /givemoney <Amount> (Player)
      • Generate an amount of money for a player
    • /setmoney <Amount> (Player)
      • Sets the money of a player to a value
    • /afk (Player)
      • Toggles your afk mode
        The mode will automatically toggle if you are longer afk then "commands.afk.autoAfkDelayInSeconds" and this value also greater is than 0. You can get kicked for being afk to long if "commands.afk.kickAfkAfterThisDelay" is greater than 0. But this value is -1 in default
    • /tpall (Player)
      • Teleports all players to a player
    • /workbench (or /wb) (Player)
      • Opens a workbench for a player
    • /enderchest /or /ec) (Player)
      • Opens a player's enderchest
    • /fly (Player)
      • Toggles fly for a player
    • /god (Player)
      • Toggles god mode for a player
    • /phantomspawning (Player)
      • Protects a player from phantoms
        Phantoms who target a protected player, are going to disappear for forever (a very long time)
        Toggles like god mode or fly
    • /msg <Player> <Message>
      • Sends a private message to a player
    • /tpa <Player>
      • Send a teleportation request to a player
    • /tpahere <Player>
      • Send a teleport here request to a player
    • /tpaaccept
      • Accepts the latest teleportation request
    • /tpadeny
      • Denies the latest teleportation request
    • /bsbreload
      • Reloads the config.yml, without reloading the whole server
    • /glow <color>
      • Glow in a custom color
    • /nick (name)
      • Set your nickname or remove your actuall nick
    • 100% configurable
      • edit every message
      • enable or disable any feature
    • Set the MOTD for the Server
      • You can also set the current number of slots, the number of players plus one
    • Set a teleport cooldown for every teleportation in this plugin
    • Format messages like onJoin, onQuit or onChat
    • Use ColorCodes in Chat, Signs, Anvils
    • Please don't ignore the update checker
    With 100% configurable, I really mean you can change EVERYTHING. There is no message or feature you cant change/enable or disable. This means you can remove commands you don´t need.

    If you set specific permission in the config to "none", then everybody will be able to use it. Also if the player hasn't any permission at all.
    The same counts for messages. If a message equals exact 'none', then it won't get sent. For example, if you want to remove the teleportation message, then just set it to 'none' and it won't get sent after teleportation.

    If I get enough downloads, then I am going to write documentation, where everything is explained.
    I normally go through the code before I upload it, but sometimes I could miss something small because I am just a human. So if you see a bug, just post it here and explain how it happened and when.
    My target is, to make this plugin useful. So if you miss something, a feature or command then just post it here, explain it a bit and in the next few days, there could be an update.

    The cool thing is, I won't stop developing this plugin. This first patch is the result after 1 day of coding. So if you miss a feature, just post it here and I will code it ^^
    If you don't want to miss updates, then subscribe to me

    Have fun using it^^
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Recent Reviews

  1. bloodzack12
    Version: 2.4
    I'm using this plugin for a small friend only server and it works great. If you could change the /back command or create a new one that will teleport you back to your last position after you /warp or /home that would be really convenient, thank you. I also wouldn't mind helping with grammar if you could do this.
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      thats an really nice idea. I am gonna implement that in 2.4.1

      If you think you could help me with grammar, then just make a private discussion with me and we can chat. This would be really nice^^
  2. skargash
    Version: 2.4
    I spent a few days testing essentials plugins such as essentialspro and bssentials. both of them dont work and i was struggling to find an alternative until I came across this. no setup for permissions. just put it in the plugins folder and go. works amazing, has all the commands you could need. 10/10. great work!
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      Thank you^^
  3. pawtrails
    Version: v2.3.3
    This is an "edit" to my old review. This is not compatitible with litebans, therefore crashes your server, but this works well with no errors otherwise. Sorry for my old review, I was just irritated.
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the reply^^

      I am gonna try it out
  4. allbaseball77
    Version: v2.3.3
    There's a few major bugs that need to be fixed, but for 1.14.x+ essential plugin, it's very good!

    Some notable things: /msg is blocked for non-opped people. I can confirm that this is a BestServerBasics problem because I'm getting an error message that is not anywhere within my server when executing the /msg command (You do not have permission to use this command!).

    The other, most important thing, is the fact that BestServerBasic's commands take precedence over other plugins, and there is no way to completely disable them. You can turn them off, yes, but they still register as a BSB command. For example, if I install a fly plugin, and my users do /fly, it automatically rejects the attempted command because it registers as a blocked BSB command. What it should do is defer the command to the OTHER installed plugin. This is especially important in the event that you need to /kick or /ban someone with another plugin.

    I look forward to the continued development of the plugin. Is there a GitHub link somewhere that we can follow the project?

    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      thanks for your review.

      /msg isn't blocked for non-opped, just make sure that "msg.permission" in the config is 'none', then everybody can use it.

      So, it could be that BSB2 (short name of this plugin) just gets loaded first, and because of this are the commands not free for other plugins.
      But there is a simple solution:
      Just open the BestServerBasics2.jar file with WinRar, open the plugin.yml and add this 'depend: [WorldEdit, Towny]', if there is only one plugin then add: ''depend: [WorldEdit]'
      I should work. What does it do? It tells Spigot to load the plugin(s) in the brackets first, before loading BSB2.
      I also tried to only add commands when there are no other plugins which use this command, but Spigot doesn't support that, or I try it again.

      There is no public GitHub link, but this is a nice idea
  5. PopandilaRO
    Version: v2.3.3
    I've been using this for the past few days for setting homes and warps and I love it! My only question is: how do I update to a newer version? Do I just replace the jar? Do the configs remain the same?
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      1.) Yes, how you said. Just replace the .jar
      The name of the .jar stays the same, which could confuse a little bit, but you see that there are changes if you compare the file size of an older and newer version.

      2.) If you update from 2.2 to a higher version then some paths change. Be aware of that

      If you update from a version above 2.2 to a newer version, then there will be no changes. Only new sections are added because there are new features.
  6. Jarshoowa69
    Version: v2.3.2
    The best essentials plugin that i ever seen , also , could you update it to the latest version (1.14.1) it would be the best plugin , plz update it to the 1.14.1
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      I always use it at the newest version. It should work in 1.14.1, if not then tell me
  7. kostaspant1
    Version: v2.3.2
    Very nice plugin! I really like that we can disable almost any feature we don't like :o
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  8. cakeypieK
    Version: v2.3.1
    Good plugin, but whenever i change the config, everything i've edited resets, and there are many mispelled words in the config as well and the grammar is not the best.
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your reply! I am still happy with a bad reply

      Sorry for the bad English, but I am from Austria, and not that old to get called "English Expert". I try to make the grammar better in the next update

      How do you change something in the config?
      1. Just make your changes
      2. Save the config
      3. if you use FTP on your server: Check that the changed config.yml uploaded
      4. Use /bsbreload in the console or as an administrator to reload BSB V2

      It should work
  9. Samstep
    Version: v2.3.1
    Lightweight and simple. As most code projects do, this could have many more features added, but since it is so new you are starting small. Love it! 5 stars for the simplicity and new epic features to come in the future!
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
      I coded most of the features in the first 2 days, on the third day I fixed some bugs with small updates and then I stopped because I have no ideas lol
      Jk, I have other projects running too.
      But if I get motivated enough again, then I add more useful features^^
  10. reezreezreez
    Version: v2.3.1
    it's great, lightweight. i love it. but can i have a request? would you please add item blocker? like for example i dont want people on my server uses TNT so all i need to do to add "TNT" on blacklist.
    1. Gebes
      Author's Response
      Nice idea
      I am gonna add it to the next patch