BestTools 1.14.0

Best auto tool plugin + hotbar refiller! Includes auto config update, ...

  1. mfnalex
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
    o_O Mine and build faster than ever before! :eek:

    Best and most efficient auto tool plugin available!
    See below for performance infos!


    BestTools can automatically choose the best tool from your hotbar or whole inventory everytime you mine a block. Every player can enable or disable this feature if desired with the simple command /bt (or /besttools). BestTools will always choose the fastest available tool and takes enchantments into account. Every player can also decide whether they want to limit the tool selection to their hotbar or complete inventory with the command /bt hotbar (or /besttools hotbar).

    You can also enable automatic hotbar refill using the command /rf (or /refill).

    Furthermore it's possible to use BestTools for using your best weapons when attacking monsters, for example it will prefer a stone sword with smite 5 over a diamond sword with sharpness 1 when attacking zombies, or an iron axe over an unenchanted iron sword, etc.

    Outstanding performance!
    BestTools 1.4.0+ easily gets along with even hundreds of players that are stripmining with golden efficiency 5 pickaxes at the same time!

    (Yes, I have tested that! If you don't believe me, enable "measure-performance" in the config.yml or see the videos below. Under each video is a link to the detailed performance information.)

    Unlike similar plugins, BestTools will only do recalculations if absolutely neccessary. If you mine the same block again without having a tool broken, picked up or dropped, BestTools will immediately quit its calculations.

    Example: Desert rage

    Destroying a desert and desert temple with golden efficiency 5 shovels and pickaxes
    (Performance results)

    Example: Strip mining

    Strip mining with random blocks and diamond efficiency 5 tools
    (Performance results)

    I am always working on improving performance, but if you somehow accomplish to make your server laggy using BestTools, I will be happy to buy you a beer or three! :p

    /bt or /besttools
    Enables BestTools for this player (automatically switches to best available tool when mining blocks)

    /bt hotbar or /besttools hotbar
    Toggles per player whether BestTools should only search the hotbar or the whole inventory

    /bt reload or /besttools reload
    Reloads the config file

    /rf or /refill
    Automatically refills your item stacks in your hotbar from your inventory once they are empty

    See the config.yml for all other commands.


    Allows the commands /bt and /besttools


    Allows the commands /rf and /refill


    Allows to reload the config using /bt reload or /besttools reload

    Default config

    The configuration file is automatically generated if it does not exist. On every new BestTools release, the config file will be updated to include the newest options. Your changes will be kept.

    You can view the default configuration file here.

    Additional videos

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Recent Reviews

  1. AcesGamingUK
    Version: 1.13.0
    Great plugin,
    Dev is amazing and constantly working and improving the plugins,
    most issues/bugs are usually resolved the day they are reported
  2. leguernic
    Version: 1.13.0
    This is by far the best tool switching plugin I ever tested. Just installed it and forced every player to enable it and they loved it! they already started to whine when I removed the permission for normal players again lol
    1. mfnalex
  3. TheDeano3663
    Version: 1.12.0
    Very responsive and toggle feature for players is a great idea. Developer is ace too!
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  4. iamverysmart
    Version: 1.11.1
    So glad I wrote you about it. You made it WAY better than I could ever imagine. Can't wait for my new PC so I can boot this baby up.
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      Thank you =)
  5. Hakaze
    Version: 1.11.1
    Seems to work perfectly without any bugs so far, great plugin thanks m8!!!!! uwu
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  6. BushessGaming
    Version: 1.11.0
    As I mentioned in my previous review, I asked him to add a global list and within just minutes he added that feature. Huge thanks!
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      Thank you too for the useful feature request =)
  7. BushessGaming
    Version: 1.10.2
    1) The plugin works flawlessly without any bugs!
    2)It makes life so much easier for my players, they love it!
    3)Most importantly, the author is very motivated. Very fast support. Also he understood an "issue" I had with the plugin and within 30 minutes he provided a solution. I mean for a free plugin, it provides premium quality and support!
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      Thank youuu =)
  8. sdkyron
    Version: 1.10.0
    Such an amazing plugin but, shouldn't it switch to a sword when targetting a spiderweb ? :D
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response
      1. Thanks for the review :)
      2. Actually a scissor is better since a sword would take double damage
      3. The review section is not for bug reports :(
  9. AcesGamingUK
    Version: 1.10.0
    Amaining as always, i feel this new feature will come in handy for many people,
    always a please using these plugins
    1. mfnalex
  10. comonier
    Version: 1.9.2
    # The preferred slot where BestTools should move the tool if it's not in the hotbar
    # and hotbar-only is set to false. Must be a number between 0 (leftmost hotbar slot)
    # and 8 (rightmost hotbar slot)
    favorite-slot: 8

    There is a way to not choise any favorite slot? Like i am using the pickaxe on 3rd slot but my friend likes to use on second and other player on last, and it will give he to move the another pickaxe he have on inventory to the active slot were the last one brokes ? i mean the same slot and not a specific slot? how can i config that ?
    1. mfnalex
      Author's Response