[BETA] Landlord 2 3.103

Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord.

  1. Bugfixes and API upgrade

    Since I just finished LandLord Dynmap (premium) I needed to upgrade the api. Now there is a new LandManageEvent and some other stuff for better interfacing.

    Also fixed two major bugs. Changed a lot of the internals for that, so you wanna be careful and report back any errors you find.
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  2. Just some tiny fixes

    1.12 goes with legacy as always.
    Added some version checks to prevent people, who are not able to read from using legacy with 1.12 (non .2).
    Fixed lag on unclaim.
    Fixed missing closing in multiclaim confirmation.
  3. Fixed download link for 1.12.2

    It came to my attention, that the legacy .jar didnt work. I fixed that. I also decided to drop support for 1.8.8-1.11 since it just caused headache most of you cant even imagine.
    Legacy landlord for 1.12.2 will receive updates for a while, atleast until most (like 90%) of the servers are using newer versions.

    So thanks everybody :)
    When I'm not hearing any more issues, I will finally remove the [BETA] tag happily.
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  4. Backport finished

    Landlord-legacy describes all versions from 1.8.8-1.12.2
    Landlord-latest is for the latest version of minecraft (>=1.13.2)

    Please test the legacy build carefully, since I only tested basic functionality without encountering any bugs.
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  5. Almost done

    Right now it looks like I'm able to finish up landlord until the 1st Dec just in time.
    If anyone wants to help writing a documentation, hit me up. Would be super glad to have some support on that!

    + Added secure world event
    + most strings can be ignored by leaving them empty or write "null" (no message will be sent)
    + more userfriendly warning when there is a missing string
    + added a new %location% parameter (replaces %chunk%) to allow a more usefriendly way of displaying...
  6. Update for new worldguard

    Set myself a deadline to finally get stuff done here: 1.12.18. Backport for versions 1.8.x-1.12.x will be done by then.
    I want people to test b56 before starting to work on the backport. There were also a lot of fixes and new features :)

    This version requires latest worldguard & worldedit from there enginehub.

  7. Update for 1.13.2

    Should work with 1.13.2 now.
    Fixed a bug in land clear.
  8. Yo, almost 1.13.x ready


    Fixed a lot of bugs, to lazy to look up all the details. Just wanted to let you know, that this version is out and its cool ^^
    Let me know if anything's wrong.

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  9. 1.13.1 Please read!

    this is an unstable version for 1.13.1. I do not recommend this using on a live server right now. Test it properly and report back any issues you find!
    A lot of things have changed with this versions (Map, Alerter, Database backend...) and I simply cant reach enough testers on discord to speed up development.

    Important notice:
    since the database backend was changed to h2, there is (atm) no way to transfer the old db to the new one. That means, you are loosing bought claims...
  10. Just an update for spigot

    Nothing has changed compared to the previous version.
    I finally reinstalled the build server and added ssl to it. Most of you dont care about that, but I prefer to use a secure standard. Also removed the nasty port from the url :) So from now its just ci.princeps.biz
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