[BETA] Landlord 2 b46

Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord.

  1. Yo, almost 1.13.x ready


    Fixed a lot of bugs, to lazy to look up all the details. Just wanted to let you know, that this version is out and its cool ^^
    Let me know if anything's wrong.

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  2. 1.13.1 Please read!

    this is an unstable version for 1.13.1. I do not recommend this using on a live server right now. Test it properly and report back any issues you find!
    A lot of things have changed with this versions (Map, Alerter, Database backend...) and I simply cant reach enough testers on discord to speed up development.

    Important notice:
    since the database backend was changed to h2, there is (atm) no way to transfer the old db to the new one. That means, you are loosing bought claims...
  3. Just an update for spigot

    Nothing has changed compared to the previous version.
    I finally reinstalled the build server and added ssl to it. Most of you dont care about that, but I prefer to use a secure standard. Also removed the nasty port from the url :) So from now its just ci.princeps.biz
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  4. News, discord, fixed, features

    first of all, here is a link to the landlord discord. Feel free to join us :)
    I put a load of effort into this update and I think we are close to be finished here. I'm happy with most of the systems, just some minor things will get changed.
    So, changelog:

    + Added resettable greet/farewell by inputting an empty string
    + Added confirmation dialogs
    + Added home teleport to other players home
    + Added very basic tab completion for...
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  5. Bunch of fixes, smaller improvements, which accumulated over the last few months

    + New commandsystem: heavily modifiable, check out the new huge config. Even permissions can be declared separately
    + ClaimingOption: Gap between different owners, check out the config for more information
    + improved ux for /ll advertise
    + added bstats
    + hungarian translation (hu)

    - Fixed a bug in "lastseen"
    - tried to fix cracked player. Still doesnt work and tbh I'm not willing to spend time on that...
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  6. Lot of small fixes

    I'm somewhat demotivated to do something for this program. Uni sucks all my time and motivation to work on a private sideproject :c
    Well, I think the worst is fixed for now :) Have fun!

    - Fixed an issue with placeholder api
    - Fixed an issue concerning ll help. Please note: 1.12 is not supported, you may go for 1.12.2!!!
    - Fixed ll home for command aliases
    - Fixed a major issue when a adv land is sold
    - Fixed an indexoutofbounds in ll manage

    + Added...
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  7. Bunch of small fixes

    - Fixed a smaller exploit
    - Fixed version incompatibility
    - Rewrote the troublesome management system
    - Fixed API: LandPreClaimEvent, LandPostClaimEvent
    - Huge Code Cleanup

    + Claiming of adjacent chunks only => Config Option :)
  8. Almost done


    There was a major exploit in land list which is now fixed. I will not explain what exactly went wrong, just update or it might cause HUGE trouble

    - Fixed a major exploit
    - Fixed #12 (formation inconsistent in ll help)
    - Fixed unclaim -1 bug
    - Fixed missing string exception
    - Fixed the new treshold system. Now its working as intended.

    + Title is now a selectable...
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  9. A lot has happend

    Please collapse this post to read everything, it might be interesting for you :)
    Dont blame me if anything happens, because you didnt read the patchnotes.

    A lot has happend since the last patch. This is probably one of the last patches, before the full release of landlord2. Think I am on a very good way finishing this project in the next few months. Development cycles increased exponentially, usually a sign that a project is going to be finished soon.
    There are only a few things...
  10. Smaller fixes + Dynmap

    LL-Dynmap: Downloadlink

    + Added a configurable /ll home delay

    - Fixed a bug which prohibited to read the 2nd page of ll help
    - Fixed a bug which occurred without vault on claim
    - Rewrote LandClaimEvent => Dynmap is now working!
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