[BETA]MineSocial 0.8.0

Social interactions on spigot servers + Admin features

  1. cpakata
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
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    MineSocial is a simple social network for a spigot minecraft servers + some features for admins


    1) Book
    Show you all players that online
    2) Paper
    Show all your friends that online
    3) Reb bed
    Sets home
    4) Purple bed
    Teleports you home
    5) Golden apple[Admin feature]
    Makes you invulnerable/not invulnerable
    6) Elytra[Admin feature]
    Changes your gamemode SURVIVAL/CREATIVE
    This is how it looks when you press a book


    You can track what players on server are doing right now, status, health and their role on a server.


    If you click on players head, there is gonna open a new menu

    First 3 function is kick, ban and teleport to this player[Admin features]

    By pressing coal you can block this player so he couldn't send you friend requests( but if you blocked your friend by accident, no worries, you can easily unblock him by pressing unblock button on same menu)

    By pressing cake you can send friend request to this player
    Now your friend can accept(or decline) request by selecting you in friend list

    Features that unlock by adding a friend:
    1) Private messages
    2) Teleport requests
    3) You and your friend can see each other in friend list

    All friends are kept in SQLite DataBase

    Please, dont forget to leave reviews if you liked or disliked my plugin
    Also, you can support me financially if you really like my work, that keeps me motivated ;)

    (btw sorry for my bad english)


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