[BETA] RecipeReference 1.0.2

An in-game recipe reference GUI, for when you forget how to craft something!

  1. R-A-M-O-N
    This plugin will give you the ability to open a GUI with a reference recipe of a specified item.

    Spaces in item names should be replaced by underscores. E.g "stone sword" should be "stone_sword"

    - /recipe [item]
    - /rr [item]

    - Place in plugins folder

    This is my update/to-do list:
    - Add furnace recipes
    - Add config file?
    - Add perms file?

    This is my first plugin!
    Please leave feedback/suggestions and report any bugs in the discussion!

    Furnace recipes do not work in this version.
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Recent Reviews

  1. HashtagRetweet
    Version: 1.0
    It was a pleasure testing this project out with you.

    Awesome job I have to say! I can't wait for you to add shapeless recipes as well as furnace recipes.
    1. R-A-M-O-N
      Author's Response
      I appreciate it! I'm working on shapeless and furnace recipes now :)
  2. Archeon
    Version: 1.0
    Works perfectly as described. Wish it was open source so I can make a few edits of my own hehehe. Well, that's just me, thanks again.
    1. R-A-M-O-N
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'll think about making it open source, it couldn't do any harm after all :)
  3. Xanmanxan
    Version: 1.0
    This is will be awesome for my Factions server and it will be so much easier to find recipes!! THANK YOU!
    1. R-A-M-O-N
      Author's Response
      I'm glad it will be useful for you! Thank you for the review :)