BetonQuest - All Your Adventure Supplies | Versatile Quests | In-depth Conversations 1.12.7

An advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin for Minecraft.

  1. 1.12.7

    BetonQuest was already compatible with Minecraft 1.18. But to make it formal official, Minecraft 1.18 is supported.


    • exception during reload, when npc_holograms are disabled
    • entities condition and clear event now support not living entities
    • mmoitems item creation only worked...
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  2. 1.12.6

    • action objective cancels now the event, before other plugins check for it (better third-party support)
    • added missing config options to the default config
    • version check for ProtocolLibIntegrator
    • quest item empty name comparison
    • customized built-in messages that use the advancementIO
    • BlockSelector without a namespace but starting with : did not work and threw an exception
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  3. 1.12.5

    • Version checks for ProtocolLib and Shopkeepers support
    • MMOCoreClassCondition used the class display name instead of the class ID to compare classes.
    • the take event called Paper's ItemStack.getI18NDisplayName() instead of Spigot's ItemStack.getItemMeta().getDisplayName
    • fixed hooking in ProtocolLib
    • max_npc_distance was set to 5.3 to prevent instant quiting of conversations
    • conversation IO menu...
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  4. 1.12.4

    Please update ProtocolLib to 4.7.0:


    • Vietnamese translation
    • added invOrder setting to (mmoitem)take event
    • the mmoitemtake event & mmoitem condition now also check the backpack
      • this will not work until the item rework / until the backpack contains NBT data
    • /q create package command does now create an empty...
  5. BetonQuest 1.12.3

    • FastAsyncWorldEdit compatibility
    • craft objective variable total
    • curly braces in math.calc variables for using variables with math symbols
    • player attribute to QuestCompassTargetChangeEvent
    • math variable now allows rounding output with the ~ operator
    • parsing of math variable
    • craft objective: multi-craft, drop-craft, hotbar/offhand-craft,...
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  6. BetonQuest 1.12.2

    • npcrange objective is triggered at wrong time
    • Citizens compatibility for not spawned NPCs
    • NotifyIOs are case-sensitive
    • all mmo objectives trigger for everyone
    • command event includes 'conditions:...' into the command
    • tags and points are now thread safe
    • compatibility for packet interceptor on papermc
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  7. BetonQuest 1.12.1

    • Ingame update notification if the updater found an update

    • The Autoupdater got a small fix, and the fail safety for broken downloads was improved
    • npcrange objective does not throw errors when the player is in a different world than the NPC
    • The block objectives notify could not be disabled
    • fixed ConcurrentModificationException in EntityHider
    • fixed...
  8. BetonQuest 1.12.0

    [1.12.0] - 2021-01-10
    • Tags and Objectives can now be removed with a static event for all players, even if they are not online
    • deletepoint event can now also be called to delete all points for all players
    • journal del event can now also be called as static
    • Added integration for TeamRequiem plugins (MMOCore, MMOItems, MMOLib)
    • Conditions:
      • MMOClass condition (type & class)
      • MMOProfession condition
      • MMOAttribute...
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  9. BetonQuest 1.12.0-DEV-368

    Dev-Build 368 in #-dev-builds is our first release candidate for 1.12.0!

    We are confident that no more additional bugs exist. Therefore, we will release this build as the 1.12.0 release if no other bugs are found until the last day of this year. You heard it right, 1.12.0 will release on the 2020/12/31! If possible put this on your test server or even on production (after a backup). If you find anything strange please report it as soon as possible...
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  10. BetonQuest 1.12.0-DEV-190

    BetonQuest 1.12.0-DEV-190

    This is the third development build, that supports 1.15/1.16. This is a stable build - but its still a dev build. Small errors could have been made so keep an eye out for hotifixes by joining our Discord:

    This dev-build contains changes to existing configs. The ConfigUpdater will remove all comments and formatting from your files so please do a manual update if...
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