BetonQuest 1.11

The ultimate RPG quests

  1. Wolf2323
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Co0sh, bundabrg, joblo.2213, SaltyAimbOtter
    Languages Supported:
    en, pl, de, fr, cn, es, nl, it, hu + Players can choose provided languages

    BetonQuest is advanced and powerful quest scripting plugin. It offers RPG-style conversations with NPCs and a very flexible quest system. BetonQuest allows you to freely define what should happen (events), if it should happen (conditions) and what needs to be done for it to happen (objectives). You can create multi-threaded stories, narrated with NPC conversations, with multiple endings affecting the player's gameplay in many ways.

    [Download Releases]

    Docs | Discord | Issues | Source | Snapshots | Maven | Legacy Editor

    Important News:

    BetonQuest 1.11 was not released for MC 1.15 (there was a mistake). Sorry for that.
    Also the latest 1.12-dev# (in the future 1.12-SNAPSHOT#) does not support MC 1.15. This will be changed as soon as possible. Currently we recommend that you do not use any BQ version on any 1.15 production server.

    BetonQuest 1.11 support the MC Versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14

    Update Guide:
    Version history: 1.9.6 -> 1.10 -> 2.0-preview -> 1.11 -> 1.12-dev#
    If you update, everything should work as normal. Only new features were added!

    If you have the version:
    • <= 1.9.6
      You should update to 1.11
      You are missing out on 56 new features and important bug fixes!
    • 1.10
      You should update to 1.11
      You are missing out on 25 new features and important bug fixes!
    • 2.0-previewX
      You should update to 1.11
      2.0-previewX is actually 1.11 without a some final fixes.
    • Any dev# build
      You can switch to 1.11 release or use the latest dev-build #925
      Dev-builds contain bugs. The #925 is nearly bug free, but it can break 3th party plugins compatibility!

    • Multiple choice conversations with NPCs using an inventory GUI
    • Powerful scripting with a ton of events, conditions and objectives
    • Integration for 20+ Plugins. (Listed below)
    • Quest-Journal in a book
    • Backpack for quest items
    • Item handling with flags and full NBT support (Work in progress)
    • Parties allowing for creation of group quests
    • Reputation system with points
    • Daily quests or repeatable reward collection (delay objective)
    • Variables in conversations - let the NPC tell how much more wood he needs!
    • Citizens2 NPC support
    • Multiple languages support (with language selector)
    • API for creating your own events, conditions and objectives
    • SQLite and MySQL support
    • An active, open source project with development builds available


    Imagine you have a conversation with an NPC. You can choose from multiple options, and the NPC will react differently, for example he will tell you to cut some trees when asked for a job. If you tell him that you accept his offer, an event and an objective for getting wood will be fired. It will also "tag" you as someone who started the quest. From now on the NPC will check for that tag, and use different options in the conversation, for example telling you to hurry up. Your journal will tell you your progress and help you through your tasks until you get a reward like special items, money or even another available quest.

    This example was only a simplification, so it's easier to explain the system. BetonQuest is capable of much more. You can add entries to player's journal based on the quests he's doing like in Morrowind, the conversations can be as multi-threaded as in Baldur's Gate and quests can be started by entering specific location like in Skyrim. You can create reputation systems, unique quest items, books that react to reading them and so on. Your quests can have multiple ways to different endings depending on players' decisions and they can require multiple players to do something.

    You don't have to use BetonQuest for quests only. Conversations with NPCs can help your players, teleports them around the map, describe server features, buy or sell stuff, give ranks etc. BetonQuest is used as backbone on many servers while the only limit is your imagination!

    BetonQuest Editor

    We provide an editor for quests here. It supports your creation of quets much better than notepad. A webeditor with even more features will be added. Currently not updated!

    Check out BetonQuestUploader, a bridge between the editor and the plugin. It allows you to let many users design quests without access to FTP. Currently not updated!



    List of integrated Plugins to use for events, conditions and objectives:
    BountifulAPI, BetonLangAPI, Citizens, Denizen, EffectLib, Heroes, HolographicDisplays, LegendQuest, Magic, McMMO, MythicMobs, PlaceholderAPI, PlayerPoints, ProtocolLib, Quests, RacesAndClasses, Shopkeepers, SkillAPI, Skript, Vault, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

    Bugs, feature requests, support

    Feel free to join our Discord for support and discussions: Discord
    Use Github for bug reports and feature requests: Github Issues
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    oh my god, you come back, this plugin is so good. Thanks for your upgrade very much!!!
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    This plugin is actively updated to the latest versions of minecraft. This spigot page is not updated though

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    And join the discord for support!
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    Nice quest plugin I've ever seen, but could you fix getEventIDs PlayerEventRunner throw NullPointerException?
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    One of the best plugins out there, and the best quest plugin. Works with 1.13 if you use the development builds, and a friendly discord group where you can ask help, where people reply really fast.
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    The best questing plugin out there! Active development (come here to see all the news like 1.13:, powerfull API (make your own events etc.), addons, editors and all the stuff you will ever need!
    It´s so good, you can even write skripts with it although this isn´t the purpose of it! 10/10
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