Better Banner 0.1.6

Give "survival" players ability to create banners with more than six layers.

  1. Jootunk
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Tested and works with 1.12.x

    Allows players to create banners with more layers than vanilla. Uses existing crafting windows and recipes, no player commands, just the interfaces they are used to. Permissions can be assigned to limit ability to create better banners, including maximum number of layers and the ability to copy banners with additional layers. Does not have any effect on banners with six or less layers. Does not use nms code and should work with all 1.8 versions of spigot/bukkit servers.

    banner image 1.png

    Just put the jar in your plugin folder, it creates a config file the first time you run it, with sensible settings. The config file has all the information needed to configure and the permissions list you will need.

    • /betterbanner reload - just reloads the configuration file, only OP can run this
    • /betterbanner ver - just lists the version number
    Config Options
    • default: 6 - the number of layers someone without permissions can create
    • basic: 8 - number of layers someone with the betterbanner.basic permission can create
    • intermediate: 11 - number of layers someone with the betterbanner.intermediate permission can create
    • advanced: 15 - number of layers someone with the betterbanner.advanced permission can create
    • copy: none - Does not allow any copying of banners with more than 6 layers
    • copy: perm - Allows a player to copy banners up to the number of layers they have permission for creating
    • copy: all - Allows anyone to copy any banner
    Ability to create banners with more layers is controlled by permissions. There are three (plus unlimited) levels of permissions for creating banners, limiting by the number of layers.

    • betterbanner.basic - Allows player to create a banner up to the basic: number of layers
    • betterbanner.intermediate - Allows player to create a banner up to the intermediate: number of layers
    • betterbanner.advanced - Allows player to create a banner up to the advanced: number of layers
    • betterbanner.unlimited - Someone with this permission can create unlimited layers in a banner

Recent Reviews

  1. Resoluciones
    Version: 0.1.6
    Wonderful plugin! Great addition for any server. Thank you very much Developer and keep the good work!