Better Broadcaster 2.2.2

Automatically Broadcast messages across your Spigot Server

  1. rmellis
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    dredge20 - Origional Author | rmellis - Update Author
    1.18 + notice: links will only work in spigot
    Recomended alternative for paper forks: AutomaticBroadcast, Download here:

    Updated for Spigot / Paper 1.13.2 - 1.17

    BetterBroarcaster is the best choice for automatic server announcements

    I have been maintaining this plugin for personal use since it was abandoned on bukkit back in 2014, Over the years people from other servers have asked me where to get a good automatic broadcaster that simply uses chat, with a custom delay and in a none random or even random order.. But a lot of the modern ones don't seem to just have these basic features.
    To help anyone needing a basic chat announcer.. This is the Best choice! Its simple, lightweight, has no limit on announcements and my personal favorite feature, it uses the dollar symbol ($) instead of &, this makes it much easier to Wright your sentences in color and be able to use & inbetween. Color and formatting codes

    Below is a screenshot of the console showing the 4 example messages.[​IMG]
    Below is a basic example of what you can do[​IMG]
    • Very lightweight.
    • Use automatic broadcasts to inform your players about your website, voting page, or any other information.
    • Broadcast as many messages accross the server as you like
    • Broadcast at a interval that you configure
    • Uses "$" rather than "&" makeing it easier to use "&"
    • Broadcast in any minecraft supported color you like (using $<color code>)
    • No limit to the length of your broadcasts
    • Broadcast in a randomized order or in the set order
    1. Place the 'BetterBroadcast.jar' file in your plugins folder
    2. Enable the plugin (or start the server) to generate default config file and config folder
    3. Open 'plugins/betterbroadcaster/config.yml' in a text editor
    4. Edit the config to your liking (see Configuration for more info)
    5. do "/bb reload" in game or "bb reload" in console to reload the config
    6. Enjoy

    Code (Text):
    # ThankYou for useing BetterBroadcaster!
    # in minutes, how long should the delay between messages be? ("delay: 3" = 3 minutes)
    delay: 4
    # should messages be broadcast in a random order? (yes/no)
    randomize: no
    #             --->   COLOR CODES   <---
    #  BetterBroadcast uses the $ symbol for color codes, This
    # makes it easier to use the & symbol in your announcements.
    #      ╔════╦════════════╗ ╔════╦══════════════╗
    #      ║ $0 ║ Black      ║ ║ $k ║ Ender Text   ║
    #      ║ $1 ║ Dark Blue  ║ ║ $l ║ Bold         ║
    #      ║ $2 ║ Dark Green ║ ║ $m ║ Strikethrough║
    #      ║ $3 ║ Dark Aqua  ║ ║ $n ║ Underline    ║
    #      ║ $4 ║ Dark Red   ║ ║ $o ║ Italic       ║
    #      ║ $5 ║ Purple     ║ ║ $r ║ Reset        ║
    #      ║ $6 ║ Gold       ║ ╚════╩══════════════╝
    #      ║ $7 ║ Gray       ║
    #      ║ $8 ║ Dark Gray  ║
    #      ║ $9 ║ Indigo     ║
    #      ║ $a ║ Lime Green ║
    #      ║ $b ║ Aqua Blue  ║
    #      ║ $c ║ Light Red  ║
    #      ║ $d ║ Pink       ║
    #      ║ $e ║ Yellow     ║
    #      ║ $f ║ White      ║
    #      ╚════╩════════════╝
    # messages to send
    - $6$l$oBetterBroadcaster $f$l$o>$r $eHello! $aThis is an example from the Default Config!
    - $6$l$oBetterBroadcaster $f$l$o>$r $aYou can edit these messages in the $e'plugins/betterbroadcast/config.yml'$a file.
    - $6$l$oBetterBroadcaster $f$l$o>$r $dYou can put as much as you want in the config. &bor as little..
    - $6$l$oBetterBroadcaster $f$l$o>$r $eBecause $6BetterBroadcast $euses the $6$ $esymbol for color codes, $dyou can easily use $c&$4&$6&$e&$a&$3&$9& $dsymbols together in color text
    • bb.* - Allows use of all bb permissions (defaults to OP)
    • bb.force - Allows use of the "/bb force" command (defaults to OP)
    • - Allows user to see the plugin in /help (defaults to OP)
    • bb.list - Allows use of the "/bb list" command (defaults to OP)
    • bb.reload - Allows use of the "/bb reload" command (defaults to OP)
    • bb.add - Allows use of the "/bb add" command (defaults to OP)
    • bb.remove - Allows use of the "/bb remove" command (defaults to OP)
    • /bb - Show help
    • /bb force - Force the next message to be broadcasted
    • /bb force <messageID> - Force the message with messageID to be broadcasted
    • /bb list - List all the messages in the broadcast config and their messageID's
    • /bb reload - Reloads the BB config and restarts the timer
    • /bb ? - Show help
    • /bb add - Add an message to the broadcast config
    • /bb help - Show help
    • /bb ls - List all the messages in the broadcast config and their messageID's
    • /bb remove - Remove an message from the broadcast config
    • /bb rl - Reloads the BB config and restarts the timer

    • Added list of color codes to default config
    • Added support for formatted text $m $n $l $o $r
    • Fixed support for international characters
    • Fixed "randomize" config value
    • Fixed "bb.force" permission
    • Fixed ability to broadcast to a specific group of players via permission nodes

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Recent Updates

  1. BugFix | Mapping Update
  2. Corrected a mistake

Recent Reviews

  1. Boy17000
    Version: 2.2.2
    Great plugin! sadly using links didnt work.. it does display but does not allow click event :(
  2. New2PC
    Version: 2.2.2
    suggestion: make a universal prefix format. This way owner doesnt have to type the prefix for every message.
    1. rmellis
      Author's Response
      Hello and Thank you for the review
      Unfortunately i wont be making this change for the reason i am aware there are some servers out there utilizing a different prefix for different aspects of there server, for instance one particular server has Minigame prefixes for announcing they can play games e.g.
      TurfWars > Come fire arrows at people, its fun
      BedWars > Checkout our new maps! tons of fun
      HungerGames > come and join us for a chance to win InGame rewards
      there's another server I'm aware of utilizing this for Multiverse tags e.g.
      EpicWorld > Explore huge mountains, venture deep into caves and completely rediscover minecraft in the most epic way imaganable
      Vanilla > Visit us for a Classic experience, were on /servers
      Terah > If you like custom worlds then you'll live this OpenTerrainGenerated world, find us on /servers
      I would imagen there are more than just the ones I'm aware of utilising it in such a way so for this plugin i will not include a global prefix.
      There is some good alternatives you can switch to if needed.
  3. Tallulah95
    Version: 2.2.2
    Great plugin, the new version fixed it on my paper server after the 1.17 update. Works as it should definetly recomend this plugin :)
  4. elespiga
    Version: 2.0.1
    I was very exited when I found your plugin, I was trying to make my own but was failing :( so using yours instead.
    Thank you its working great on paper 1.15.2!
  5. DirecThor
    Version: 2.0.1
    Very simple, easy to configure and dont need to restart the server all time. Easy reload in game, and easy customize in game too.

    Thank you!
  6. Tallulah95
    Version: 2.0.1
    Great plugin the players love been able to get tips on how to do things and what the server has to offer which I was able to tell them about via this plugin it's easy to use and get set up and works fantastic