Better Chat 1.0

No chat plugin is OP as this one

  1. winjw7
    Want a chat plugin that will make it so you don't ever have to use another? Well this is perfect for you!

    • Use ingame chat color
    • Add prefixes and save them
    • Set default join and leave message
    • Set your default chat color
    • 100% EULA Friendly
    • Set your or someone else's nick
    • Set a single persons join / leave msg
    • Toggle admin chat
    • Clear chat and also broadcast command

    /betterchat cmdlist : Shows all commands
    /betterchat createtag : Create a prefix
    /betterchat taglist : Show all tags
    /betterchat edittag : Edit a prefix
    /betterchat deletetag: deletes a prefix
    /betterchat settag : sets a prefix
    /betterchat setnickname : sets a persons nick
    /betterchat setchatcolor : sets persons default chat color
    /betterchat setdefaultjoinmsg : sets default join msg [Use %player% for players name]
    /betterchat setdefaultquitmsg : sets default leave msg [Use %player% for players name]
    /betterchat toggleadminchat : allows only those with perm to chat
    /betterchat clearchat : clears chat
    /betterchat broadcast : broadcasts your msg
    /betterchat resetstats : Clears nick, chat color etc of a person

    - betterchat.<cmdname> : Allow player to do command
    - betterchat.colorcodes : Allow player to do chat colors in chat
    - betterchat.talkinadminchat : allows player to chat in admin chat

    Bug Reports:
    Find an error? Or prehaps you want some features implemented? Make sure to comment and I will add it or fix it!

    I would appreciate it if you guys donated because I did make this free and it took me awhile to make. Thank you.
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Recent Reviews

  1. KyanoHellinx
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin but, it is a pity that there is no default tag,
    If you read this you can make sure that you can put a default tag: D
    1. winjw7
      Author's Response
      Sadly I lost this project about a year ago when my hard drive got corrupted :( Maybe if I have time I can revive it!
  2. Bananna
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin, looking to create something similar to this one. Very nice OP :)
    1. winjw7
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Now you don't have to? :P If you need any custom features for your server let me know! (Like factions support, eco support etc)