Better Dispensers 1.2

An attempt to make dispensers more useful ( in PvP )

  1. Zentdayn
    Dispensers are a nice tool, but PvP wise they could be more useful.

    This plugin basically allows players to aim and take a shot with dispensers in a controlled fashion.


    One can put arrows inside the dispenser and then using a stick right clicking to shoot arrows.

    The configuration file is quite simple and shouldn't need additional explanation, but if something isn't clear let me know.

    Players need to either be Op or have the following permission: betterdispensers.smartfire to be able to use this plugin.

    • Aim and shoot arrows from dispensers
    • Option to add a custom arrow recipe

    If you have any suggestions or problems using the plugin let me know.
    Report bugs if you find any.

    More pictures:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Default configuration for reference:

    Code (Text):

    # smart fire item currently hard-coded to a stick

    # by default shooting while standing is better, for balance reasons, since sneaking hides your name
            # this gets multiplied by the current arrow speed when fired while standing
            standing: 2.4
            # this gets multiplied by the current arrow speed when fired while sneaking
            sneaking: 1.2

            # spread = how off the arrow can go from where you are aiming
            # less = more accurate
            standing: 2.5
            sneaking: 6

        # how long to wait between shots ( in ms )
        # any less then the default(300) might be too fast
        cooldown: 300

        # See
        # for all possible materials
            material: STONE
            produced: 5
            enabled: false

        # true = arrows will be removed on hit ( whatever they hit arrows are removed )
        remove: false
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  1. gungin
    Version: 1.01
    works good for like turrets in bases on a faction server.