Better FlyTime | aSkyBlock, ChatReaction and JobsReborn Fly. 1.8

Ability to buy Limited flytime & ChatReaction/JobsReborn Hooks which allow fly rewards

  1. FlyTime Give Console Support Added

    • FlyTime Give NAME LENGTH can now be ran in console making it a viable reward for voting and anything which can trigger a console CMD.
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  2. Source Code now public

  3. New COMMAND /FlyTime Give NAME TIME

    This update brings in a new admin command which allows you to give out flytime without a cost, the permission required is flytime.give those who have this permission can do. FlyTime give Cobwebster 5

    Cobwebster = the players name, must be a online player
    5 = time in minutes, you should generally avoid giving 1 minute flytime since warnings go out your time minus 1 minute.

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  4. onDisable function added

    Added in a function which will remove fly access if the plugin is for some reason disabled and unable to remove flytime normally.

    Also added in some prep for a new feature which will be added soon, I will be adding in a command which will let you give away flytime for free on command which could then be used for voting/stores... Also adding in a extra speed parameter so you can choose the speed.

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  5. Updates

    Updated SpigotAPI, ChatReaction & aSkyBlock.

    Make sure you're using all latest versions of dependencies such as skyblock and chatreaction.

    Taking feature requests.
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  6. VIP discount permission + Format change

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    - New format for command /FlyTime

    - New VIP Discount Permission |
    - New config for discount price

    NEW Format

    NEW Format for VIP's (Requires perm
  7. Built against latest spigot version

    Also have some things planned for the next update. Going to start adding more content.
  8. JobsReborn Permission added

    - Added a permission for JobsReborn > flytime.jobsreborn

    - Fixed the ChatReaction permission